Highlights of 11/2014

Highlights of 11/2014

Auditors give our company above-average evaluation

The five-day recertification audit of the U. S. Steel Kosice quality management system in line with the technical specifications of the ISO/TS 16949 standard, which concluded with a meeting of the TÜV SÜD Slovakia auditors with USSK management on May 16 at which they presented their findings, turned out excellently for the steelmaking team. This could be understood from the comments of Vlastimil Pokorny and Pavel Hornik, who also passed on the opinions of the other members of the four-strong auditing team, Antonin Pařik and Tadeas Kurilovsky. "We have encountered true professionals here who live through their work, and this can be seen in the company as well. This has been an audit with the best of results, at least for the past year, which I have worked on," said auditor Pokorny in his summary.

Eighth Volunteer Days - U. S. Steel for Kosice 2014 take place

Five hundred pairs of hard-working hands belonging to employees of U. S. Steel Kosice, its subsidiaries and partner institutions, and students with scholarships from the Kosice steel company, all joined in the eighth edition of the annual Volunteer Days - U. S. Steel for Kosice, which took place on Friday and Saturday, May 16 and 17, organized by the team of the Director Public Affairs. During their own personal leisure time, as is now customary, people from various professions, many together with family members, came to support eleven non-profit organizations.
The volunteers naturally also included labor union members, company managers and U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke and his wife Kathleen. All locations saw people working together with genuine enthusiasm on the Saturday, including some of those who had joined in the Steelmakers' Drop of Blood donor drive and the collection of clothing, footwear and other household articles for charities and non-profit organizations, which had taken place the day before. The volunteers' good work has been praised at the Rubikon Autistic Center in Myslava, the Botanical and Zoological Gardens, the Children's Historical Railway, the Hurbanova Street Foster Home in Kosice, the Forrest Gump Club, and at the Union of Mutual Assistance of People and Dogs.

Meeting of coated products manufacturers

The town of Napa in California, USA was the venue last month for a meeting of members of the National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) with their customers and suppliers of coatings and technologies. This 3-day event (April 7 to 9) was also attended by U. S. Steel Kosice General Manager Industrial Sales Julius Lang, who is at the same time President of the ECCA, the European equivalent of the American organization, which associates coated product manufacturers on the Old Continent. As one of the guest speakers he presented the activities of the ECCA to the two hundred participants in the conference.

Measuring of radioactivity discussed in Kosice

On May 13 and 14 there was a session in Kosice of a working group concerned with the preparation of new European Union legislation on the measurement of radioactivity in the steelmaking industry. The discussions were chaired by Eduardo Garcia-Torano from Spain, while Slovakia was represented in this field by the Slovakian Institute of Metrology and U. S. Steel Kosice subsidiary Labortest, s.r.o. "The choice of our city as the location for the commission's talks is a mark of its appreciation for Labortest's participation in this project," said U. S. Steel Kosice - Labortest Director Ladislav Rozek, who accompanied the guests on a tour of the Quantometric Laboratory at the USSK Steel Shops.

Corporate Medium of the Year 2013 title belongs to Ocel Vychodu

U. S. Steel Kosice's corporate newspaper Ocel Vychodu scored full marks in the 11th edition of the prestigious annual competition of corporate media communication entitled Corporate Medium of the Year 2013, which is organized by the Corporate Media Club and the Syndicate of Slovak Journalists. Ocel Vychodu took first place in the Corporate Newspaper category. This was the decision of the six-member jury made up of journalists, PR agency representatives and media consultants. This is the sixth time that Ocel Vychodu has gained the title Corporate Medium of the Year, and it has taken second place in this competition three times and third place twice. Last year its success was complemented with the special award of Corporate Medium of the Decade.

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