In the competition of non-traditional vessels, the kids from Podolínec won again

In the competition of non-traditional vessels, the kids from Podolínec won again

This year's Košice Venice – or competition of unconventional, self-decorated vessels – was successful. The weather was good, as many as 16 vessels entered the competition, one of which was more beautiful than the other. Creative creators did not spare ideas, the crews of the vessels were also dressed stylishly and in accordance with the theme.

"Our" two orphanages arrived early in the afternoon, because the themes they decided to portray were again difficult to prepare.


Our friends from Podolínec, in whose performance we experienced and admired such themes as the Tree of Life, Kubko and Maťko, Gypsies Go to Heaven, or Wedding, decided this time to depict an Easter theme called New Life. Their boat was dominated by lamb, there were Easter eggs, ham, and sausages. And not only those made of polystyrene, they also brought real ones with them and offered them to passers-by. Štefan Straka, director of the orphanage, was enthusiastic about the idea.  Several colleagues and children were involved in the preparation.  The preparation itself took almost a month, intensively devoted to it for the last week. What will happen to the decorations after the end of Venice in Košice? They do not know yet, they will definitely use them to decorate next year's Easter holidays. After all, even the Tree of Life from past Venice adorned the grounds of the home for almost a year.


Even when last year's Venice ended, in the foster home Uralská Košice they immediately began to think about what theme they would portray. After the Three Beetles, they again reached for a fairy-tale theme and chose Ferdo the Ant. They produced not only a new, beautiful, green grasshopper that dominated their boat, but also very nice costumes. Production took two weeks. "We are taking two children in the boat," Blanka Kastelová, the author of the theme and its design, told us.


In the evening, it was time to launch the vessels on the water.  Neither the vessel of the Children's Home in Podolínec nor the CDR Uralská were lost on the water. They impressed in the first discipline, the promenade of boats, and also performed well in sailing on time.


The jury had a really tough task at this year's Venice.  Choosing the most beautiful vessels was extremely challenging. The vessel CDR Uralská won the award for 5th place and the vessel of the Children's Home from Podolínec won the competition again.

"It's a great feeling. All the more so because there was really a lot of competition this year," František Kaleta, who transported almost all the children who came from Podolínec on the lake, told us.

The children enjoyed Venice in Košice very much. Spent a nice afternoon full of experiences.

Photo: Ján Kisucký

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