Košice steel again helped make the city alive

Košice steel again helped make the city alive

The Singing Fountain is the third gem between the National Theatre of Košice and St. John's Cathedral. St. Elizabeth, which completes the unique colour of our Main Street. Surely every resident of our city who has already stopped by the fountain must be proud to be a Košice resident.

On Saturday, May 4, the opening of the Singing Fountain took place after the reconstruction, for which the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation contributed 1,000,000 euros.

A special guest on Saturday evening was President Rudolf Schuster, who was greeted by a large audience at the fountain with great applause. "During the construction of the fountain in 1986, the fine-mechanical workshops of the VSŽ significantly helped, which only on the basis of a drawing made the first valves for a playing and singing fountain. No one believed that they could do something like this literally in a few days.   Our fountain was the first in the former Czechoslovakia. This happened on May 1, 1986, when the fountain was launched." Rudolf Schuster appreciated the significant help of U. S. Steel Košice with financing its reconstruction.

The mayor of the city, Jaroslav Polaček  , was particularly enthusiastic about the speed with which our management decided to significantly support the reconstruction of the fountain.

Miroslav Kiralvarga, vice-president of U. S. Steel Košice, followed up the mayor's speech: "It was really a very short meeting with the mayor.  He said he needed to renovate the fountain and needed enough money to do so. A few hours later, we called him. The entire USSK Board of Directors unanimously agreed that when almost 40 years ago VSŽ helped with the construction of the fountain, even after almost 4 decades it could not be otherwise, regardless of what the Košice ironworks are called today. I was here yesterday with our visit from the USA. They lived here for more than five years. We walked around the city and I was proud of how many people were at the fountain, small, bigger, even the oldest. I'm proud that we were able to help. Košice steel again helped make the city live."

The audience was also addressed by the Director of the Urban Green Administration Marta Popríková, Erik Kuzma from OZ MAKE Košice DIGITAL and Richard Duda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tauris, a.s.


After the end of the official part of the program, the presentation of all functions of the fountain followed and the evening ended with a concert of the Košice band NoName, which was enjoyed by hundreds of Košice residents.

Cover image: Richard Duda, Jaroslav Polaček, Rudolf Schuster and Miroslav Kiralvarga (from left to right)

Foto: Ján Kisucký

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