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New record on HDG Line No. 3

Created: 9/25/2018
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Category: Divisions

USSK's list of production records was extended last month by the team of employees on Hot-dip Galvanizing Line no. 3 in the Finishing and Tin Mill Division, who managed to achieve a really superb result. According to information from Division Director Tibor Kovács, the new monthly production record on HDG Line no. 3 now stands at 42 705 tons of material, which is 160 tons more than the last record dating from August 2015.

Credit for this achievement goes to all shift teams, led by Finishing 2 Head of Operations Peter Bakšay, and their success in exceeding the monthly plan was supported by several factors, including good work on the part of the maintenance staff. During August there were 13 unplanned stoppages, but the combined down-time lasted no longer than 243 minutes, which is an extremely short period. This means that in terms of time the line was used at 99.45 per cent of capacity.


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