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Noble principles of big-hearted steelmakers

Created: 1/10/2019
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Category: Community

During the pre-Christmas period the Košice-City local association of the Slovakian Red Cross acknowledged the willingness of people to donate without claim for reward the most precious thing any person has: their blood. Bronz, silver, gold and even diamond Janský plaques, but also the highest award, the Prof. MUDr. Ján Kňazovický Medal, were presented to dozens of Košice people, with a large number consisting of U. S. Steel Košice employees, who are among the most active blood donors in our city.

The gold Janský plaque for thirty voluntary blood donations is proudly held by several steelmakers, today including for example Peter Piga and our well-known endurance runner and marathoner Erika Billá, while the diamond plaque awarded to men for eighty donations is held by Róbert Tuschl, an active supporter of the “Steelmakers' Drop of Blood” drive during the U. S. Steel Košice Volunteer Days corporate event in May. The most significant award, the Prof. MUDr. Ján Kňazovický Medal for one hundred blood donations, belongs to regular volunteer Pavel Babej.


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