President Jim Bruno praised the work of volunteers

President Jim Bruno praised the work of volunteers

I am convinced that the employees here in Košice are very closely connected with the community.

On Monday, February 13, 2023 President of U. S. Steel Košice Jim Bruno personally thanked the employees who were nominated or awarded in the Volunteer of the Year 2022 competition. It was organized by the United States Steel corporation, and USSK joined it for the first time.

"Thank you for everything you do for the community. For a whole year from the leadership team in Pittsburgh, I have been hearing praise for all the help you have given to refugees from Ukraine," Jim Bruno said in the introduction. "I don't think volunteering in the U.S. is at a higher level," the president continued.  "I am convinced that the employees here in Košice are very closely connected with the community."

He handed over plaques with a personal dedication from the President of the corporation, David Burrit, together with letters of thanks, to Dana Gogová, Rastislav Šelepský, Ladislav Stupák and Monika Jeníková. At the same time, two colleagues also signed donation contracts for their non-profit organizations Friends of the Trstené Nature and Save Nature by Čivas. Dana Gogová donated the financial reward associated with the award to the Slovak Red Cross in Košice for activities related to the provision of social and humanitarian assistance.

The whole working lunch was further carried out in a cooperative discussion, as each of the participating awarded volunteers and their colleagues who nominated them or helped with them have wealth of experience in volunteering, helping refugees in need, protecting and developing the environment or preserving our regional uniqueness, such as the Children's Historical Railway.

The volunteers are positive, active people who are looking for solutions to the problems around us, who inspire and motivate each other, and so it was at the meeting with the president.

Pictured with President Bruno (centre) is Rastislav Šelepský, Monika Jeníková, Dana Gogová and Ladislav Stupák (from left to right).


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