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Salesperson of the Month Martin Zavacký succeeds in negotiations with automotive manufacturer

Created: 6/14/2019
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Category: 06/2019

Salesperson of the Month for April of this year is head sales manager in the department of General Manager Industrial Sales, Martin Zavacký. He is responsible for gaining an important contract. In the past month he successfully concluded price negotiations with the Volkswagen group for the coming year. He was presented with his award on May 23 by U. S. Steel Košice President Jim Bruno accompanied by Vice President Human Resources Martin Pitorák and General Managers Igor Presalovič and Július Lang.

“Despite the uncertain market situation, falling numbers of vehicles in production and a slight recession in the automotive industry generally, we have managed not only to preserve our advantageous pricing conditions, but also to increase the volume of material we supply by 30 per cent compared with the previous contract period,” says Martin Zavacký. “Volkswagen appreciate above all our excellent customer technical service, the flexibility, quality and reliability of our deliveries, and so they have nominated us as suppliers for several new models. What this means for us is primarily stability of future orders, since the life-cycle of one model series usually lasts five to six years. At the same time, after successful trials we have managed to qualify as a regular supplier of more demanding external car-body components,” he explains.


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