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Steelmakers for Košice 2019

Created: 6/13/2019
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Category: Employees

The two-day event called Steelmakers for Košice, also known as (aka) U. S. Steel Košice Volunteer Days, which took place on May 17 and 18 of this year, was a further contibution by us and our Company to the European Capital of Volunteering, which the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia has become in 2019. During the thirteenth edition of this event more than 400 steelmakers, their family members and other volunteers joined in the traditional Steelmakers’ Drop of Blood donor drive, the collection of useful things for charity centers, and in the manual work provided for enhancing the interior and exterior spaces of the Zoo, botanical gardens, Forrest Gump Club, the center for children and families on Hurbanova Street in Košice, the children’s historical railway in Čermeľ Valley and the dog shelter at Haniska. Everybody did great work, which was also acknowledged by Company President Jim Bruno at the volunteers’ reunion on June 6 of this year.


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