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Thousands of givers for thousands of recipients

Created: 12/9/2019
Author: U. S. Steel Košice
Category: Community

Košice, December 9, 2019The Christmas Charity Concert held on December 13th at the State Theatre Košice will be the culmination of the philanthropic activities of U. S. Steel Košice, its employees and Foundation. For nineteen years the steelmakers, in addition to producing iron and steel, have been systematically taking care of people depending on help from others. They have been supporting foster homes, and both social and health institutions. Every year during the pre-Christmas period they organize fund-raising to improve medical equipment and services for inhabitants of the city and region. This year’s gift by thousands of steelmakers who took part in the fund-raising will serve to buy ultrasound equipment and other special devices needed for diagnostics and treatment of patients with kidney and urinary problems. The sum collected for the Urology Clinic of the Louis Pasteur University Hospital, which examines twelve thousand patients per year, will be announced at the Christmas Charity Concert.

“I am so proud of my colleagues who for years have helped children and adults facing difficult obstacles in their lives. Steelmakers help not only financially, they also dedicate hundreds of hours of their personal time and their devotion to others. Like this together we can accomplish big things,” says U. S. Steel Košice President James Bruno. During the last few years the steelmakers have collected more than 1.54 million euros for new digital x-ray apparatus for the East Slovakian Oncology Institute, electric positionable beds, an audio-center and ultrasound equipment for the University Children’s Hospital, or special equipment for the East Slovakian Institute for Cardio-vascular Diseases, the Louis Pasteur University Hospital, and other health-care institutions with regional responsibility.

For a long-time U. S. Steel Košice has also paid special attention to foster homes. Since 2005 steelmakers have been helping to fulfil children’s desires through the Wishing Trees, which have been located within the company premises in this pre-Christmas time.  This year they have taken 159 cards with children’s wishes and bought presents for the children in the St. Klement Hofbauer Foster Home in Podolínec and Uralská Street Centre for Children and Families in Košice, as well as for young adults in the Halfway House on Alžbetina Street in Košice. The dreams of children in steelmakers’ families experiencing difficult circumstances have also been fulfilled. The Company and their colleagues express their solidarity through the We Are With You At The Right Time project. Apart from the gifts and financial help, the recipients mainly appreciate the interest in their lives and the experiences from many corporate events which they are invited to enjoy during the whole year.

Corporate volunteering has also been a component of U. S. Steel Košice’s responsible business approach for many years. In its activities the company encourages families, retired steelmakers and scholarship holders to support volunteering, as well as the region’s inhabitants to take an active approach towards improving life in their communities. The Steelmakers for Košice Volunteer Days, which have been organized since 2007, is the biggest volunteer event. It was held again in May this year with the participation of more than 400 people giving blood and helping nine non-profit organizations. Among others they worked in the Centre for Children and Families at Hurbanova Street in Košice. The proceeds from the ticket sales to the Christmas Concert will be donated to this foster home with disabled children.

The highlights of the concert, in which Adam Ďurica, Tereza Mašková, and Jozef Hollý will be among the performing artists, will be broadcast by RTVS on December 23rd at 3.30 pm on Channel 2.

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