Three hours well spent

Three hours well spent

You certainly encounter multiple generations with different experiences, values ​​and work styles
at your workplace. Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, who did not experience life without Internet, contributes to this diversity. Gen Z or digital nomads grew up exclusively in the digital age and bring new expectations and demands to companies. It is a challenge for companies, but at the same time  an opportunity to attract and entertain these young people. In recent years, employers and employees often ask themselves the question of how to unite several generations in one workplace.

This was also the topic of a series of three-hour interactive workshops How to work with Generation Z and How to maintain good relations in the workplace, which was organized
by the Training and Development department during the past week. The workshops were mainly intended for newly appointed foremen, it means for foremen who were appointed to the foremen role in the last two years.

Both workshops were led by PhDr. Lucia Vargová Ištvániková PhD., psychologist, lecturer and founder of the Center for Personal Development of Children and Adults. The attention of the participants focused on how to avoid conflicts caused by intergenerational differences and how
to build effective cooperation that would lead to the satisfaction of all parties. Participants learned more about individual generations:

  • what characteristics, expectations and attitudes they have in common,
  • how are they different
  • what they expect from colleagues, superiors and the employer,
  • how they can inspire each other.

Difficult situations at the workplace, the right words and managing one's emotions were discussed at the workshop How to maintain good relationships at the workplace. The participants gained new insights, instructions and strategies for:

  • prevention of difficult interpersonal situations,
  • solving conflict situations,
  • maintaining and improving interpersonal relationships.
  • Based on feedback, the workshops seem to have served their purpose.

"The workshop fulfilled my expectations. The information we got from Lucia was extremely informative and every bit of it was applicable. As for me, I took a lot from it and re-evaluated a few things that I need to change in the way I do my job. Such meetings could be more frequent," commented Denis Liško, foreman of rolling mill joints.

Dušan Ivanišin, head of the Production Preparation operation, commented:

"I would accept a longer training, the topics were very interesting and applicable for the future. If it were possible, I would expand the training(s) to include topics such as employee selection, etc."

The Department of Education and Development plans to organize similar workshops in the future.

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