Volunteers will roll up their sleeves in the Botanical Garden

Volunteers will roll up their sleeves in the Botanical Garden

A Mini ZOO with sheep, rabbits and chickens has been part of the botanical garden for several years. This year's task of our volunteers will mainly be improving their homes, which is really needed.

Robert Gregorek, deputy director for operations of the UPJŠ Botanical Garden, prepared a list of activities.

"During the upcoming Volunteer Day in the botanical garden, we will try to do something especially for families with children, who often go to the aviaries with animals when they visit our premises. A large flock of rabbits is a great attraction for children. However, the long-term operation of the "living corner" has already reached the stage where the renovation and repairs of the Mini Zoo's facilities are necessary. With the help of steel workers - volunteers, we would like to improve the condition of the access path and the areas in front of the aviaries, treat the metal structures and replace the string on the cages for parrots, hens and bunnies. Our wish is to make the rabbit run accessible in such a way that children can engage in the most popular activity, which is hand-feeding the rabbits."

The botanical garden strives to apply ecological methods of management, also in the forest park. A small group of sheep and goats ensures the grazing of meadows and the regulation of thickets. The damaged fencing of their paddock requires restoration. The task of the volunteers will be its liquidation, installation of new posts and a new fence.

"For them, we need to reconstruct the enclosure so that they are safe during the winter and spring, and visitors can also observe the birth of the young at that time. For parents and their children, it is often one of the few opportunities to enjoy contact with animals without major complications in an urban environment," explained Robert Gregorek.

Volunteers will be able to turn off their minds while painting metal structures, park benches, wooden information board structures, or a wooden gazebo.

"Steelworkers have already helped us many times in the past in improving the condition of our premises. I believe that this year, too, we will spend Saturday morning in a pleasant atmosphere and part with the feeling of a well-done, useful job."

If you want to help the botanical garden, you can do so on Saturday, June 22, 2024, as part of the event Steelmakers for Košice. The brigade will run from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Registration will begin in mid-May.

Information about Volunteer Days is published on the website of U.S. Steel Košice:

Volunteering - U.S. Steel Košice


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