We had a nice weekend with families from the project

We had a nice weekend with families from the project

"I have to thank U. S. Steel Košice for supporting this project for years. The weekend stay was an opportunity for us, at least for a while, to change the everyday environment, relax and get to know other families dealing with similar problems better," said Peter Veliký about the weekend stay we organized for families from the project We are with you at the right time last weekend.

The recreational facility on Zlatá Idka came alive with good mood, laughter, sports competitions and creative workshops. 


The beginning of Saturday afternoon belonged to fun sports disciplines. Parents encouraged their children to definitely get involved and show what they can do. They were only cheerful until we told them that everyone had to compete, regardless of age. Of course, you will not find the competitions and sports that we have prepared for them at the World Championships or the Olympic Games. It was about entertainment, not heroic feats.  We competed in throwing the ball to the basket, kicking the goal, dribbling with the basketball between obstacles.  In the end, the easiest discipline – the throw of rings turned out to be the most difficult. And the one that looked the hardest – jumping over obstacles, throwing balls from one bucket to another at the end and getting back over obstacles – was a piece of cake for the kids.

We scored all disciplines honestly, counted points until we created two triples – the best children and the best adults.  Children: Tomáš Kurilka, Richard Zlacký and Gabika Kurilková, who was perfect even with a sore arm and adult: Peter Veliké, Erik Urban and Michaela Vagaš were presented with the awards by Vice-President Elena Petrášková and her daughter Veronica.


Elena and Veronika also joined us in creative workshops and helped the little ones to make their own memory game. "I am very glad that this project is still alive," said Elena Petrášková, who stood at its birth.  And when leaving, she promised the families that she would come up with an interesting event for them herself. In the evening, families used the saunas in the vital center and the more hardy ones swam in the pool.

Sunday morning "went" very quickly. We had a darts tournament, who wanted, played table football, the pool table was also occupied all the time. Some families went for a walk in the neighborhood and boys Teo and Timon Vagaš  played football against their mother and grandmother. Although the youngest participant Tobias Beneš has not been involved in any sports yet, he bravely ran around the area, he wanted to see everything, he liked everything and he took care of active movement to his father Zdeno, who, of course, could not let him go on an expedition around the area on his own.


After lunch we said goodbye to the families. They agreed that the weekend stay was very pleasant, that they enjoyed it, made new friends, relaxed and that there was simply no mistake.


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