The fountain also lives thanks to metallurgists

The fountain also lives thanks to metallurgists

The fountain in front of the theater again attracts attention. Just as the ironworks helped build it nearly 40 years ago, the U. S. Steel Foundation helped with its reconstruction a year ago.

Jim Bruno, president of U. S. Steel in Košice , sent a greeting before the fountain opened, in which he emphasized how important it is for the employees of the metallurgical combine to connect culture and the whole region: "Košická Hlavná Street is the center and the fountain in front of the theatre is an iconic place for every Košice resident. Decades ago, unusual technical solutions during the construction of the fountain were worked out in the workshops of ironworks. And so now the ironworks have entered into a project that combines art, tradition and state-of-the-art technology."

Vice-presidents Silvia Gaálová, Elena Petrášková and Miroslav Kiralvarga attended the ceremony,  who just before the fountain was launched recalled the moment when Mayor Jaroslav Polaček came  with a request to support the work.  It was an extensive reconstruction and therefore a large amount of money, and the metallurgists did not hesitate and fundamentally helped. Thanks to cooperation and financial assistance from the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation, the fountain from the first seconds made hundreds of children happy, who were eagerly awaiting what would happen.

General Director of the National Theatre in Košice, Ondrej Šoth, highlighted the technical improvements that, thanks to the latest digital technologies, will allow performances and recordings of performances in the theatre to be transferred to a water curtain created by the fountain.

If you are interested in the entire history of the fountain space, it will be possible to see  an exhibition about its historical transformations in the park. It will be available to the public until September 30, 2024. The exhibition The Story of the Singing Fountain presents milestones in the history of the iconic fountain from 1935 to its current form.


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