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We open the USSK Charity Hut

Created: 12/1/2022
Author: Public Affairs
Category: Community

We have again provided space in it to several non-profit and charitable organizations

Surely each of us will head to the Christmas markets in the city center this year. After all, we have already missed them a lot in the last two Covid years.

When you go for a walk, for a special Christmas refreshment with your friends, or just to see the rich program on the stage on the Main Street in Košice, be sure to stop by our traditional Charity Hut.

As for many years, we have again provided space in it to several non-profit and charitable organizations. They take care of people in social need, disabled children and adults, or abandoned animals. For a financial contribution to their public collection, in addition to feeling good, you will also get a nice little thing to beautify your homes or please loved ones.

The U. S. Steel Košice Charity Hut will be open from December 5 to 22, 2022.

Photo: Pictured in the middle  in one of previous years hut, USSK President Jim Bruno together with USSK volunteers and scholarhip holders helping organization for mentally disadvantaged people.


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