We offer energy-efficient steel solutions.




We offer energy-efficient steel solutions.
We work together with our customers to innovate the portfolio of products in order to comply with strict criteria for mechanical and magnetic properties – for efficient and sustainable generation, processing, and distribution of electric power.

U. S. Steel Košice is the largest producer of flat-rolled products in Central Europe. We also provide a wide range of different types of steel from standard structural steel grades through electrical (dynamo) steel to steel for pipes. 


  • 20% of energy from renewable sources by 2020
  • At least 27% of energy from renewable sources by 2030
  • Annual revenues in the European economy of up to € 130 billion
  • Export revenues in the amount of € 35 billion per year


It is through many years of experience with improving products that we help to achieve the targets in various industrial sectors as well as in the energy sector. U. S. Steel Košice participates actively in the development of new technologies allowing for more energy efficient steel solutions. The objective is to ensure more effective generation and transmission of energy according to specific customer needs while continuously reducing generation of CO2.


U. S. Steel Košice is involved in the development of magnet steel with the purpose to offer to our customers products with high energy efficiency. Continuous research, quality customer service, and a strategic geographic location makes it possible for us to support various industrial sectors, such as energy, engineering, and the automotive sector, which requires quality dynamo steel.

Electrical steel for the energy sector is a key material as it is widely used in generation and transformation of energy including the energy from renewable sources.

Within the wind energy sector dynamo material is used for manufacturing magnetic circuits and electrical components. This includes in particular rotating parts of turbines, stators, rotors, gearboxes, and generators on high-power and medium-power turbines.

In order to develop as much energy as possible per each turbine it is important to ensure that dynamo steel features isotropic properties and high permeability. Better magnetic properties are possible to be achieved through the use of high permeability steel – it will minimize losses in energy generation and energy efficiency of the equipment will be more effective.

Variability in use of magnet steel for the electrical engineering and energy sectors

Applicable when developing energy from renewable energy sources

Use in electric cars

Effective energy efficiency

Dynamo material with high permeability = electric power generation capacity maximization

Possible manufacturing of lower energy consuming and more powerful generators and motors


Gas and oil industry requires high quality steel pipelines for test drilling and boring operations, treatment, refining, transportation, and storage of natural gas and other substances.

There are high demands imposed on steel with regard to preserving the required mechanical characteristics in the course of the whole delivery process. Pipes are subject to mechanical stress due to weather conditions and often unevenly throughout the whole pipeline. At the same time the pipes are exposed to temperatures below zero and operating pressures and must resist corrosion under the influence of substances present in the pipeline.

An acidic environment is the most adverse; there is a threat of cracking at the weld point, under the presence of hydrogen. Reduction in the level of inclusions contained in steel increases the resistance to cracking. Accordingly, the overall performance and serviceability of pipes increases and contributes to the sustainability, and, especially, safety. Use of quality steel minimizes the possibility of damage to the pipeline and risk of potential explosion during the transportation of oil and gas.

REDUCTION OF INCUSIONS IN STEEL by reducing sulfur content

STRICT CONTROL of the production process reduces the risk of possible damage to the pipeline

Improvement of cleanliness PREVENTS CRACKING OF STEEL in welds

GLOBAL SECURITY OF DISTRIBUTION throughout the whole supply chain

High-strength steel represents a solution in case of extremely exposed areas, such as onshore pipeline applications.

U. S. Steel Košice supports the energy sector by the production and supply of low carbon and high-strength spiral welded pipes intended for gas pipelines, oil pipelines, water pipelines, heating pipelines, and sewage pipelines and for construction purposes. Production process complies with standards API, EN ISO 9001:2000, ISO EN 14001 a DIN.

Continuous technical development and development of energy and construction raises the interest of customers in steel solutions in this sector. Therefore we work very closely with customers and provide for continuous steel supply to meet the increasing demand. This makes it possible to sufficiently and promptly cover the supply of substances transported to the destination, in a timely manner, according to the customer's needs – while maintaining strict safety standards.

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Pipes feature a GOOD WELDABILITY

VARIABILITY IN SIZE – diameter from
406 to 1,422mm



QUALITY OF EACH PIPE GUARANTEED thanks to a series of nondestructive tests

Production capacity of 80,000 – 100,000 TONNES/YEAR

The future is in renewable resources

The priority of the European energy policy is to ensure the highest possible share of clean energy from renewable resources. Reductions in the use of fossil fuels and prioritizing green energy lead to a significant reduction in emissions and greenhouse gas reduction. Energy thus becomes sustainable for future generation.

There are also changes to the type of steel used in the energy sector. Improved mechanical properties, resistance and strength of steel, better workability and weldability – all this contributes to more effective steel solutions and increase in energy efficiency. Moreover, it is possible to use lighter structures and there are lower production costs.

U. S. Steel Košice is involved in the development of steels with high energy efficiency and comes with innovations for maximizing capacity of electric power generation from renewable sources.

130 billion € / year generated by energy from renewable resources for the European economy

35 billion € / year = export revenues


Steel for wind energy

Steel is one of the most frequently used materials in the manufacturing of passenger as well as utility vehicles for its quality characteristics.

Wind power has the potential to become the largest source of energy in Europe; providing that European governments continue to apply courageous solutions in energy policies. In addition to substantial reduction in emissions and the environmental impact, the wind energy development could also help in making new investments and thus support the creation of as much as 366,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Steel is natural and recyclable material suitable for use in electric power development, generation, transformation, and distribution.

Overall, it accounts for up to 80% of all components of standard wind turbines. Strength, corrosion resistance and serviceability is particularly crucial as the wind turbine structure is constantly subject to mechanical stress due to weather conditions and extremely low temperatures in some regions.

Use of high quality steel increases the resistance of turbines to gusty winds, weather changes, high tides, and corrosion due to the action of salty sea water on the shore.

The maxim of amount of energy from each turbine can be achieved by the use of high permeability electric steel.

Thanks to better magnetic properties the losses are minimized and energy efficiency of the equipment becomes more effective.

Quality steel is also economically more advantageous compared to aluminum or copper. It is easy to weld and also suitable for manufacturing prefabricated components in order to reduce the assembly time and speed up the start of the operation, which reduces costs and contributes to faster financial return.

U. S. Steel Košice offers a wide steel product portfolio for different parts of wind turbines: steel structures, foundations, towers, beams, as well as other connecting and structural systems.

80% OF ALL COMPONENTS of wind turbines is manufactured from steel

10% of European consumption of energy per year by WIND POWER


584 ONSHORE TURBINES connected to the grid in the first half of 2015

1 YEAR = time for return of energy consumed in the turbine production

One of THE LEAST EXPENSIVE methods for the electric power development

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