Highlights of 12/2004

Highlights of 12/2004

USSK managers at "Economic Reforms for Europe" conference

The issue of accession to the European Union, which is at present one of the hottest topics and the focus of attention for the general public and the media in Slovakia, was the subject of an international conference organized in Bratislava last week. Entitled "Economic Reforms for Europe", the conference was put on jointly by INEKO (the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms) and the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.
Meeting for round-table discussions at the Forum Hotel were the Ministers of Finance of the Czech Republic, Malta, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia, together with representatives of the major banks and investor companies, aiming to share their experience with and attitudes towards the ongoing reforms.
More specifically the aim of the conference, which was attended by managers from U. S. Steel Kosice, Vice-president Finance Karl F. Csensich and Executive Vice-president Strategic Implementation Anton Jura, was to enable the exchange of information regarding the economic and social reforms under way in Slovakia, in the transforming economies and in the European Union as a whole. There was also opportunity for discussion of the prospects for reforms in the EU with regard to the notions and interests of existing members and the countries about to join.

Job and Internship Fair for the first time in Kosice

On Wednesday of last week the main lecture hall of the Technical University in Kosice was the venue for the Job and Internship Fair 2004, prepared and organized for the first time in our city by the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, based on the good experience gained from five (!) annual editions of this fair in Bratislava. The principal sponsor of this event, which met with a great response from the university students, was U. S. Steel Kosice.
According to AmCham Slovakia representative Jake Slegers, speaking at the press briefing shortly after the opening of the fair, its aim is to help students orient themselves better in the job market, to give them a chance to compare the opportunities on offer, and thus to contribute in a modest way towards regional development in Eastern Slovakia. The offer of jobs to graduates, and internships which raise students' professional standards, may do something to reduce unemployment as well as the "brain drain" in Slovakia - the outflow of young, qualified people going abroad to work.
The American Chamber of Commerce intends to organize similar events in Kosice more frequently.

Summer in the country for employees' children

While there may still be three months to go till the summer holidays, even now many parents are already wondering how and where their offspring are going to spend their free time. This year too, U. S. Steel Kosice has prepared a selection of camps for company employees' children, all of them located in healthy countryside surroundings.
Richly-varied programs full of fun and games led by experienced instructors will surely satisfy both boys' and girls' expectations. These summer camps are intended for employees' children aged from 8 to 13 years old, and are being organized by the company this year in several holiday locations - starting at the Chalet below Radzim Hill near Dobsina, and at the Ludovit Kukorelli school camp centre at Tatranske Mlynceky. Then there is a camp full of ghosts, treasures and attractions waiting at the Stalica ("Guiding Star") Chalet in Bojnice, and steelmakers' children will also be welcome at the Brezie ("Birches") Camp at Kysak. One stay for one child will be funded by the company using social fund resources.

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