Highlights of 13/2004

Highlights of 13/2004

Christopher Navetta at meetings with employees

The Handball Hall in Kosice was the venue on Monday this week for the first in a new series of meetings between U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta and company employees. Similar events are being held every day this week, and the topics for discussion are the current situation in the company, occupational safety, production and capital investment projects.

Workshops on the topic of ethics in business

Last week the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia prepared two workshops for businesspeople on the topic of Ethics in Business. One meeting took place on Tuesday, March 23rd in Bratislava, and the second on Thursday, March 25th in Kosice.
The lectures and practical sessions were presented by Kenneth W. Johnson, Director of the Ethics and Policy Integration Center in the USA. Representatives of firms attending the workshops gained information about building up a responsible company, about corporate culture, stakeholder expectations, the purpose of the code of ethics and policy for its implementation. It is in line with these principles that companies should compile their own codes of ethics and apply them in practise.
U. S. Steel Kosice prepared such a document early in 2001, and the Code of Ethical Business Conduct is the company's official standard. This document was passed by the company management, approved by the trades union organizations, and became part of the Collective Agreement for the years 2001-2004. A copy of the code in brochure form was given to every employee, and they confirmed with their signature that they would abide by its terms. The purpose of the Code and standards of conduct in the steelmaking company were explained to the workshop participants by U. S. Steel Kosice General Counsel Kenneth Pepperney.

First InfoUSA Center in Slovakia opens in Kosice

The Ambassador of the USA in Slovakia Ronald Weiser, State Secretary at the SR Ministry of Culture Jozsef Kvarda, U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta and other important personalities in the economic, cultural and social life of our city were present at the Regional State Library in Kosice on Thursday of last week for the opening ceremony of the all-time first InfoUSA Center in Slovakia.
This Center, which has been set up by the Embassy of the USA in Slovakia, is intended to promote mutual understanding between our two countries, and aims to appeal to the widest possible range of citizens. Access to information about the USA will be available to everyone who is interested through the media of books, video-cassettes, CD's and the Internet. The Center will be putting on various cultural programs, for example exhibitions, literary events, film-shows and lectures by American specialists on all kinds of topics from life and culture in the USA. This project is the result of cooperation between the Regional State Library in Kosice and the Culture and Information Secction of the Embassy of the USA in Bratislava.
The Embassy has provided the core collection of information materials covering various topics and the technical equipment for the Center worth a total of more than 920 000 SKK. The Regional State Library has contributed the necessary premises, and a member of staff who is fluent in English and Slovak and who will help visitors to the Center find their way around the sources of information. U. S. Steel Kosice has funded the reconstruction and interior furnishing of two rooms in the Library for the Center.

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