Highlights of 14/2004

Highlights of 14/2004

President's meetings with employees

As already reported, last week a series of meetings was organized between Company employees and U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta accompanied by members of the Company management. Following presentations focusing on the current situation in the Company, occupational safety, the steel market, sales, production and investment, the steelmakers had the opportunity to put questions to the members of the top management directly from the floor of the meetings.

Round-table discussion on electronic commerce

The Teledom Hotel in Kosice was the venue on Tuesday of last week for a round-table meeting of specialists, attended by USSK Vice-president Information Technology Peter Richardson, on the topic of Electronic Commerce - the proper route to successful business? This event, which brought together representatives of specialist associations and managers of important companies and organizations in Eastern Slovakia, was organized in our city for the second time following last year's success by the Slovak Association for Electronic Commerce (SAEC).
The principal sponsor of the round-table session was U. S. Steel Kosice, and one lecture was presented by a representative of the Company - Replacement Parts Purchasing Manager Lubomir Sekel. He informed his audience about implementing an information system to manage electronic purchasing under U. S. Steel Kosice conditions, and described the process starting with entering requirements into the information system, through subsequent purchasing and receipt of material, to the settlement of suppliers' invoices.

Steelmakers contribute to the Daffodil Day collection

Over 100 000 crowns more than last year - 857 000 SKK to be precise - was collected by volunteers around Kosice on Friday of last week, which was Daffodil Day 2004. The yellow flower, which has become the symbol of the fight against one of the most insidious of diseases, was offered in return for a voluntary contribution by almost 500 voluntary workers for the Anti-Cancer League around our city for what was already the eighth time. U. S. Steel Kosice decided to support this event from the organizational aspect, and both real and artificial daffodils were presented by a group of Anti-Cancer League volunteers directly on Company premises.

U. S. Steel Dance Cup Kosice

Last Saturday in Kosice saw the holding of the first edition as part of the Slovakian Cup competition of the annual modern disco-dance contest by the name of the U. S. Steel Dance Cup Kosice. More than 400 dancers competed, representing twenty ensembles from all over Slovakia. The final rounds of the contest were opened by U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta, who attended the evening together with his wife Phyllis, and other Company top managers were also present at the event.

Wide-ranging program of sports for USSK employees

During the coming two months no USSK employees will be able to complain of inactivity during their spare time. After the Winter Olympiad the Personnel Service and Education Department in cooperation with the Trades Union Council of steelworkers' union Metalurg U. S. Steel Kosice is preparing further sports tournaments and competitions. Taking place in May and June will be the Company championships in table-tennis for individuals and teams, the football championships and the doubles tennis tournament for Company managers.

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