Highlights of 35/2006

Highlights of 35/2006

Employee Representative Meetings

After the U. S. Steel corporation-wide safety stand downs, last week as well as this week employee safety representatives meetings are held as follow-up. Employee representatives play significant role in the stage two of the project, purpose of which is to reduce injury frequency trend of last two months. During the meetings space is given to openly discuss occupational safety and health protection issues with employees with goal to actively utilize their ideas and opinions. In U. S. Steel Kosice counts more than seven hundred employee representatives.

Talent Night finale in the Steel Arena next Monday

In the past five years USSK has carried out 1100 different projects in many fields aimed above all at supporting young people and the region. Probably the greatest and arguably the most successful of these is the Talent Night contest, the young performing artistes support project. Just taking part in the Talent Night finale show is in itself a huge success for all the contestants, because to reach the finals they had to get through demanding auditions depending on the decision of the jury made up of leading experts from the arts world. The grand finale show of the 6th edition of Talent Night takes place in the Steel Arena on Monday, September 4th.

Interns tackle case studies

The summer internship at U. S. Steel Kosice for more than forty thirdand fourth-year university and college students is nearing its end. Last Friday, August 25th, in a session attended by Vice-president Miroslav Kiralvarga and General Manager Milan Polca, the interns tackled case studies which allowed them to make good use of all the new experience and knowledge they have gained around the steelworks. The case-study tasks were prepared for them by specialists from the Department of GM HR Development and Services.

American Slovaks visit USSK

This Monday, August 28th, USSK was visited by the Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Pennsylvania Joseph Senko, together with a group of American Slovaks. They were familiarized with the Company's activities, looked round several production plants, and in the evening they attended the official opening of the Metal Inspirations exhibition, the culmination of last week's workshop for young designers and their teachers.

Slovak champion girls are a great visiting card

Last year the Kraso Centrum Kosice figure-skating club, which is sponsored by U. S. Steel Kosice, won a valuable trophy in the form of first place in the Slovakian Cup competition. Now September is coming, and with it several important international events which the Kosice girl figure-skaters will be taking part in. Next week Bartova travels to Budapest for the international Junior Grand Prix competition, and in two weeks she will be competing against a strong field of 36 European figure-skaters inn a similar event in Romania. The first competition for Belenyesiova is on September 15th-16th in Bratislava, where the Ondrej Nepela Memorial event is taking place.

No more drawn matches in ice-hockey Extra League

As in the latest ice-hockey season, the 2006/2007 Extra League competition is also going to have ten teams playing. For the following two seasons, however, there is a proposal to expand that number to 12 Extra League teams. The new competition begins on Tuesday, September 12th 2006, and we will know the new champions on April 10th 2007 at the latest. New features of the upcoming season include variable playing times in particular stadiums on weekdays and on Sundays and public holidays, and a changed points-scoring system for matches. There will be no more drawn games in the Extra League. For victory in normal playing time a team will get three points, but only two points for a win in extra time or in a penalty shoot-out. The beaten team will be left with no points.

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