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Highlights of 10/2009

Created: 3/9/2009
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM,Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 10/2009

No injury in Shipping for over a year

This Monday, March 16th, U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke met eleven employees of the Shipping Division for a working lunch at which he could express his appreciation for the results this team has achieved in the field of occupational safety. Together with Vice President Operations Patrick J. Mullarkey and GM Finishing Thomas J. Kevin, George Babcoke thanked all present for their efforts leading to the outcome that for 375 days now (as at March 16th) the Division has not registered any occupational injury. In the President's view, this success is all the more valuable because the Company has set its standard of expectations very high. The opinion of the participants in the meeting was that their results could be ascribed to good rules, good training and good feedback from observation. As long as these three "legs" can be relied on, they said, it is quite possible to work for a year and more without injury.

Meetings culminate in Trade Union Council conference

The conferences of the divisional chapters of the Metalurg U. S. Steel Kosice Trade Union are currently coming to an end. So far there have been meetings of Union member delegates in the divisional chapters of the Transport, Steel Plants, Coated Products, Hot Rolling Mill, Power Engineering, Cokery and Operations and Repairs divisions. March is the richest in terms of the number of conferences, with twelve meetings taking place during this month. The meeting season culminates with the Metalurg U. S. Steel Kosice Trade Union Council conference on April 23rd. This year though, another important moment awaits the trade unionists. May 22nd is the planned date for the 4th Metalurg Trade Union Congress, which will be evaluating the fulfillment of its program and deciding on further tasks and directions, also with respect to integration with other trade union associations. This topic is currently being discussed in a lively manner by the Union members in the divisional chapters.

Steelmakers like relaxing at Medzev

The U. S. Steel Kosice Recreation and Training Center at Medzev is a favorite place for relaxation among the Company's employees, and this is especially true for the last two years. They can come here for recreation on an individual basis, but they can also meet each other at sporting events put on by the Company's organizational units, or at other more personal events. Last year the center was modernized. The new building was reconstructed and equipped with new furniture and electrical appliances, the soccer pitch was fenced in, the old boiler room was converted into a cloakroom, and fire-alarm buttons were installed in all of the rooms.


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