Highlights of 34/2009

Highlights of 34/2009

Premier Robert Fico visits U. S. Steel Kosice

On Wednesday of last week, August 26th, in the early evening, the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Robert Fico came to U. S. Steel Kosice for a short working visit. He spoke with Company President George F. Babcoke and was interested in the situation on the steel market, since the Kosice steelworks are the biggest private employer in Slovakia.
George Babcoke explained the process of negotiations with the trade union organizations, which he considers as the best way of overcoming the hard times and being prepared for the revival of industry in this country. He also informed Robert Fico about the Company's "Flat and Efficient Organization" project. The Prime Minister talked about the Government's measures concerning the economic crisis. He appreciated the way in which the Company, even in difficult economic conditions, has managed to find flexible solutions in the area of employment.

Desulfurizing of cokery gas

The ecological project named Desulfurizing of Cokery Gas will enable U. S. Steel Kosice to meet the legislative requirements for removal of sulfur from cokery gases (down to a maximum of 500 mg/m3), and at the same time it will contribute to improving the quality of the working environment at the Cokery Division and the quality of the air around the steelworks and in the immediate vicinity. It will furthermore also increase the purity of cokery gas in the Company's piping network. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2010, and at present the construction workers are preparing the sites for the new technology. Construction work will be proceeding with the Cokery plants in full operation.

USSK Summer Olympics start off with bowling

The official dates of the USSK Summer Olympic Games are this Friday and Saturday, September 4th and 5th, but due to the large number of entries in the bowling competition, the tournament in this sport will be starting earlier, namely on Thursday afternoon, September 3rd, in the four-lane Bowling Pub at no.1 KVP Drive. The official opening ceremony for the USSK Summer Olympic Games will be taking place on Friday, September 4th at 3.15 pm in the Technical University athletics stadium on Watsonova Sreet in Kosice. Steelmakers will be trying their strengths together in thirteen sports disciplines.

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