Highlights of 33/2009

Highlights of 33/2009

U. S. Steel Kosice Safety Awareness Contest

The slogan Safety First which today is a commonly used expression throughout the world, was actually first coined at U. S. Steel Gary Works almost 100 years ago. This time honored slogan reflects the company's commitment to safety. The slogan is routinely used by employees to communicate the level of priority safety must be given. Recently, in some of the USS Plants employees came up with creative ideas how to promote safety with new slogans or catchy phrases. In an effort to increase awareness on personal safety, U. S. Steel Kosice announces a contest for original of slogans, logos, phrases, mascots to communicate the following topics:

  • Cardinal rules are our safety commandments - These rules are here for saving your health and life.
  • Personal safety at work - if you are unsure about a workplace condition or work rule, stop the job and contact your supervisor.
  • Supervisor's responsibility - Supervisor must primarily look at every job from safety perspective to verify for employees safe work conditions compliance with safety rules.
  • Safety Huddles, Safety Conversation, Safety meetings are good tools that contribute to employees' safety.

The contest is open to all employees of U. S. Steel Kosice, subsidiary companies and their family members. Submissions should be original and should not incorporate any copyrighted characters (i.e., comic and/or television characters), photographs, and magazine or newspaper illustrations. Submissions should be provided to AB Building front Desk by October 1st, 2009. Please ensure the name and employee number is legible on the submission. The best ideas will be assessed by a Safety and Labor Union committee and the three winners will be announced in USS Newspaper Ocel Vychodu in month of October 2009. The three winners of the contest will be invited for lunch with USS Kosice President, Vice-President of Operation, GM Safety & IH and Labor Union Chairman and will receive prizes with their slogan, logo or mascot engraved on it.

Deputy GM Safety and Industrial Hygiene

Repairs DP with one million injury-free hours

On Tuesday of last week, August 18th, the group of teams at U. S. Steel Kosice who have worked one million hours without injury was joined by the employees of the Repairs Division Plant in the section of GM Production Support. They achieved this goal after nearly two injury-free years. This success in the area of safety is to the personal credit of all Repairs employees, who are involved every day in repairing steelmaking plant and equipment throughout the Kosice works.

Special table eases sheet handling

The operators of line no.2 at the Conti-annealing operation and the 2-stand tandem at the Tin Mill have come up with a way of making their work easier and increasing the safety of their activities at the same time. Their novelty, a prototype of a special table for welding sheet strips, was presented for the first time during last week's workplace tidiness inspection to USSK Vice President Operations Patrick J. Mullarkey. He was impressed with their idea, and thanked everyone in the Finishing Division who was involved in its development for their thought and effort aimed at eliminating the maximum of risk at work.

Another ground-water protection project

A few days ago another in the group of twelve projects named Ground-water Protection 3 was started off. Work began at the Cold Rolling Mill on adapting the decanting station for emulsion and hydraulic oils to bring it into compliance with the ecological requirements for industrial oil decanting.

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