Highlights of 07/2014

Highlights of 07/2014

Mario Longhi visits Kosice steelworks

In the second half of last week a group of top representatives of the U. S. Steel Corporation traveled from Pittsburgh to visit U. S. Steel Kosice, led by Corporation President and CEO Mario Longhi. The managers were interested primarily in the progress being made in the transformation of our company through the project called Carnegie, Our Way. In conversations with our managers Mario Longhi emphasized several times that the Kosice operation may serve as an example of how people can work together to accomplish transformational change. He also highlighted the number of ideas and innovative projects coming from the local employees. The American managers also used their time in Kosice to visit some of the production plants at the steelworks, including the Steel Plants and HDG Line No.3. The guests left Slovakia again on Sunday, March 30.

Suppliers' Summit

On March 27 a summit meeting with significant supplier companies was held on U. S. Steel Kosice premises. Our top managers presented the corporate project called Carnegie, Our Way, which aims to transform the company in the sense of increasing revenues, optimizing raw material usage and controling operating costs. Achieving these aims requires support and assistance from both sides, and the principal objective of the summit was to appeal for immediate, at least 15 per cent reduction in prices for material and services supplied to USSK. In addition to suppliers' representatives, procurement staff and top managers of U. S. Steel Kosice, the meeting was also attended by U. S. Steel Corporation President and CEO Mario Longhi, VP Procurement Christine S. Breves, GM Global Purchasing John M. Foody, and GM Materials Management at the Pittsburgh head office Eric K. Schomer.

Employees' meetings start

From April 1 to 3 inclusive U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke and top managers of the steelmaking company will be holding working meetings with employees of the firm and its subsidiaries where they will be informing them about the company's results from last year, the situation on the steel markets and plans for succeeding in them, as well as about the transformation of the company by means of the process called Carnegie, Our Way.

Mentor Network Program for third time in Kosice

The InfoUSA library in Kosice was the venue on Thursday, March 20, for a meeting of successful college students and company managers. Organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic together with CSI Leasing, in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States of America in Slovakia and the InfoUSA library in Kosice, this was the third edition of this very popular annual event, which provides students with opportunities for career counseling and tutoring through direct, personal communication with general managers of successful companies and representatives from the entrepreneurial environment. These naturally also included USSK VP Human Resources Martin Pitorak and GM HR Development and Staffing Milan Polca.

Daffodil Day

On Friday of next week, April 11, the city streets all over Slovakia will be flooded with daffodils, harbingers of spring and flowers of hope, which people will pin to their clothes to show solidarity with their fellow human beings afflicted with the most treacherous of all diseases, cancer. It will be possible to meet groups of activists and volunteers in this, the largest of public-benefit fundraising events called Daffodil Day, as in previous years, around the premises of U. S. Steel Kosice. The financial proceeds from the collection will be distributed by the Anti-Cancer League, organizer of the fundraising, back into projects attracting applications for help from all the regions of Slovakia. Last year the Kosice steelmakers donated a total of 4 936.06 EUR during Daffodil Day.

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