Highlights of 08/2014

Highlights of 08/2014

First supervisory audit of Energy Management System

In March 2013 U. S. Steel gained another important certificate of compliance with the EN ISO 50001 standard for Energy Management Systems (EnMS), and by doing so became one of the leaders in this field among the steelmaking companies in Europe. Last week, from April 9 to 11, the certification company TÜV SÜD Slovakia performed the first supervisory audit at the Kosice steelworks. "It is evident that you have been focusing on efficient energy management in the long term, and you are improving continuously. U. S. Steel manages its energy consumption economically and in line with the EN ISO 50001 standard for EnMS. During the audits carried out in your primary production operations, no serious shortcomings were found which would have given grounds for not extending the validity of the certificate," stated chief auditor Marian Harcarik in the concluding assessment.

Steelmakers support Daffodil Day

This year again the Kosice steelmakers joined actively in the nationwide public-benefit fundraising organized by the Anti-Cancer League, called Daffodil Day. Not only did they support the collection around our company premises on April 11th with a total of 4 931.13 a, but they also assisted in organizing the event. Last year's net proceeds from Daffodil Day in Slovakia amounted to 842 865.23 a, of which nearly 39 500 a went to the East Slovakian Oncology Institute in Kosice, the best part of 24 500 a to the help centers of the Anti-Cancer League in Kosice, Bratislava and Martin, and 6 000 a to the Svetielko pomoci (Glimmer of Help) non-profit organization in Kosice.

Bringing joy to children

On Sunday afternoon, April 6, Kosice State Theater was transformed into an enthralling world of fairy tales for the boys and girls of the Secovce Foster Home and the families of Kosice steelmakers included in last year's Wishing Tree project, accompanied by U. S. Steel President's wife Kathleen Babcoke. The performance lasting over one and a half hours of Jan Uliciansky's fairy-tale play called Four Pixies and a Fairy, full of lovely songs and music, was enjoyed by everyone.

Grand 20th edition of Kosice City Days just two weeks away

Setting up may-trees, performances by traditional folk ensembles by the Lower Gate on Main Street, and the opening of the old-time crafts market will together form the starting-point in two weeks time, on April 30, of the grand 20th edition of the annual celebrations of Kosice City Day. The organizers of this traditional occasion, marking the anniversary of the granting to Kosice of the first ever armorial warrant to a town in Europe, and continuing until Saturday, May 10, have prepared dozens of main and accompanying events for all the residents and visitors in the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia. All of them promise to be good entertainment, with something in them for large and small alike, whether lovers of music, sport or culture. There's going to be plenty of choice, and all you have to do is come and join in. One of the prime events of Kosice City Day itself will be taking place on May 7. After the solemn act of placing wreaths at Liberators' Square to mark the Day of Victory over Fascism, at 1 p.m. the parade of knights through the town will start, followed by the official ceremony including the presentation of public awards. One of these will be presented by Kosice City Mayor Richard Rasi to U. S. Steel President George F. Babcoke. Earlier, there will be an untraditional regatta for home-made water-craft at the Ryba (Fish) center in Anicka Park on May 3, featuring crews from the foster homes which are partners of U. S. Steel. On May 8 the Executioner's Bastion will be the venue for a gastronomic competition in goulash cooking, also involving the participation of Kosice steelmakers.

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