Highlights of 09/2014

Highlights of 09/2014

Action plan supports Steel Industry in Slovakia

At its session on April 23, 2014 the Government of the Slovak Republic approved the Action Plan for a Competitive and Sustainable Steel Industry in Slovakia. The plan analyzes possible ways of supporting the steel industry, with the aim of contributing to preserving the competitive advantage and sustainability of the steel sector in this country. The Slovak Republic thus becomes the first country in the EU to react to the challenges being faced by the steel industry on the national level as well.

USSK Labor Union members assess their activity

A hundred and nine delegates and forty guests gathered at the Social Pavilion in Kosice on Thursday, April 24 for the annual Conference of the KOVO U. S. Steel Kosice Labor Union Council, in order to balance up the results of their activity in the past year. The deliberations of the labor union council members were preceded by twelve grass-roots organization conferences at the Kosice steelworks, and were also attended by KOVO Labor Union Chairman Emil Machyna and U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke.

Metalurgia 2014

On April 15 this year the Faculty of Metallurgy at the Technical University of Kosice organized the 20th edition of the annual specialist conference called Metalurgia 2014. This event, also supported by U. S. Steel Kosice and subsidiary RMS, a.s. Kosice, took the form of a competition going on in the fields of metals production, materials, power engineering, industrial ceramics, environmental studies and integrated management systems. The competition was entered by 67 students on "bakalar" and "inzinier" degree courses, who presented their work in the separate sections before juries made up of representatives of the academic community, the scientific research institution and the industrial company.

Champions see the Mayor

The long-awaited conclusion of the series of final play-offs in the Tipsport Ice-hockey ExtraLeague for the 2013/14 season came at last on Monday, April 21, bringing victory to the players of HC Kosice. Their finals opponents HK Nitra were unusually well-matched adversaries, and the series was drawn out to the maximum number of seven games. In the last of these, held in the Steel Arena, the HC Kosice players won with a totally convincing score of 6:0 and gained their 7th title in the era of independent Slovakia.
On Saturday, April 25, the HC Kosice players were received by Kosice City Mayor Richard Rasi. As well as congratulating the players and the management team on winning the title, he also thanked them for superbly representing and promoting the image of the city.

Statue for the Pope

During this year's Kosice City Day celebrations the people of Kosice will be able to join in the final phase of creating a work of art, a statue of an angel holding the city's coat of arms, carved out of poplar wood by wood-carver Milan Krajnak. Under expert supervision by the creator of this 2.7 meter tall, 300 kilogram heavy angel figure, people will have the chance in the middle of Main Street to cut a groove in the figure with a small chisel, and keep the piece of wood from it as a memento of the day when they shared in creating this joint gift for the head of the Roman Catholic Church. This work, named An Angelic Gift from the Heart for the Holy Father, is meant to emphasize that Kosice is known for being a city of tolerance and spiritual proximity of person to person.

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