Highlights of 14/2014

Highlights of 14/2014

New form of meetings with employees acknowledging excellent safety results starts with Mechanika Division

More than 200 employees of the Mechanika Division took part in a working breakfast with U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke on July 2 acknowledging their significant success in the form of one million five hundred thousand employee-hours worked without injury. This occasion starts off a new phase of meetings between Company management and successful employee teams. The criterion of achieving success has been raised from one million to one and a half million employee-hours worked without injury. The form of the meetings has also been changed. Whereas until now the divisions delegated ten or twelve employees to take part in official working lunches, from now on a lot more will be involved.
The 450-strong team of metalworkers, metallurgists and repairers in Mechanika reached this significant milestone back on April 26 of this year, and by July 2 when the meeting with George F. Babcoke took place they already had 1 630 328 hours without injury to their credit. Also present in the UMD canteen to thank their successful colleagues for their results were USSK Vice President Operations Mark Tabler, General manager Occupational Safety and Hygiene and REACH Mark T. Salo, Deputy GM Safety and Hygiene Robert Meitner and GM Production Support Peter Gazsi.

Labor Union representatives visit their american colleagues at Gary Works

Between June 16 and 23 of this year a group of representatives of the KOVO U. S. Steel Kosice Labor Union Council went on a long-planned working trip to the Gary Work steelmaking plant in the state of Indiana, USA. The union representatives were particularly interested in the working conditions and environment at the works, as well as in the functioning of the system of occupational safety and protection, and the representation of employees. They visited operations of primary and final production, where they talked with shop-floor workers, and they also exchanged experience in labor union work with their American colleagues in the USW union. Important topics discussed included collective bargaining, union functioning and organization structure, relations with the works management, extramural activities and possibilities for further cooperation. They also talked about the levels of collective agreements in force, the benefits provided and the protection of employees.

Twelfth edition of annual summer student internships starts

On Tuesday of last week, July 1, U. S. Steel Kosice opened its gates to the participants in the by now twelfth edition of the annual summer internships. There are forty students taking part, studying in the fourth year of universities and colleges in Slovakia and other countries, who were successful in the preceding selection procedure. Students from the Technical University of Kosice, the University of Pavol Jozef Safarik in Kosice, the College of Economics in Prague, the University of Economics in Bratislava and the University of Presov in Presov were welcomed to the premises of the Kosice steelworks by USSK Vice President Human Resources Mrtin Pitorak together with his team. Mr. Pitorak said he was sure that the time spent in the Company would enrich the young people with new insights and experience and that during their internship they would acquire many new contacts which would certainly come in useful for them in their future professional careers.

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