Highlights of 15/2014

Highlights of 15/2014

Charles B. Balawajder visits U. S. Steel Košice

The Košice steelworks was visited last week by United States Steel Corporation Vice President Information Technology Charles B. Balawajder. During his working trip lasting four days, he had several meetings with Company managers and familiarized himself with our production operations. He looked round the Steel Shops, Hot Strip Mill and HDG Line 3.

We welcome american college students

For young people the summer vacation is an ideal time for traveling and getting to know new countries and cultures. This opportunity was used recently by nearly thirty students from three American universities in the states of Pennsylvania, Illinois and North Carolina, who flew to the Old Continent to find out about the economic situation in the countries of Central Europe. Their itinerary naturally included Slovakia and our Company as well. The Americans visited the Košice steelworks on June 10, and according to their opinions as they were leaving, they had a full and varied program here. The college students were first taken charge of by Vice President Commercial Christian Korn, who presented our firm to them. The students heard a brief history of the Company, discovered which products we manufacture, where our sales centers are in Europe, and what global factors affect our business.
The Vice President also presented the key values of U. S. Steel Košice and the transformation process called Carnegie, Our Way. The students were intensely interested in our Company, judging by the number of questions which they asked during the presentations. Their visit to the steelworks continued with a guided tour of selected production operations. The group first went to the Steel Shops, where they looked at the continuous-casting plant making steel slabs. They moved on the Hot Strip Mill, where they passed along the whole length of the hot wide-strip line. The third and last stop was at Hot-dip Galvanizing Line 3, where the guests were familiarized with the process of zinc coating of steel strip. They could then compare their new insights with the knowledge from their major subjects in college.

Popular U. S. Steel Košice summer games again this year

The members of the organizing committee for the 24th edition of the annual U. S. Steel Košice Summer Games have their hands full these days with preparations for competitions in thirteen sports disciplines and accompanying attractions at this event, set to take place from September 4 – 6, 2014. This year’s Summer Games include 14 sports altogether, but since the soccer tournament, which the Blast Furnaces team won, was held in May, the competitions in September cover 13 disciplines. Twelve of these are due to take place on the dates already mentioned, while the last one, the golf tournament, is planned for the following weekend, Sunday, September 14, on the greens of the nine-hole course at Malá Ida.
An old favorite reappearing this time after a two-year break is football-tennis. Those interested can sign up for individual competitions until August 25, while the deadline for the golf is September 8. Application forms can be found on the intranet (sports page). It is also possible to sign up with the committee members responsible for preparing specific competitions in the Summer Games (a list of their names is published in today’s Oceľ Východu).

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