Registration for Volunteer Day 2024 is open

Registration for Volunteer Day 2024 is open

In the past two weeks, we have presented the locations and volunteer activities that will be part of the Steelmakers for Košice 2024 event.

On Friday, June 21, a drop of blood will flow during the Steelmakers Drop of Blood

On Saturday, June 22, volunteers will be working in five locations: the botanical garden, the ZOO, the shelter for abandoned animals near Haniska, the Children's railway and the Center for Children and Families on Hurbanová street.

During both days, a charity collection of clothes and useful things will take place at two collection points.

Registration is now open, you can sign up until June 13 via intranet, or until capacity is filled
in given locations. In case you register, but in the end you will not be able to participate in
the event, log out in the login application or cancel your registration with the coordinator of
the chosen activity to make room for others that may be intrested in joining.

Each volunteer (except for the collection of clothes and useful things) will receive a T-shirt.
Blood donors will refreshed with a baguette and mineral water. During the Saturday work, volunteers will be refreshed with a baguette, mineral water and lunch.

The work is planned for adults, but older children can help with some activities, too. Children older than 12 years must be registered with the coordinator separately, they should not be registered via the registration form. Employees with children under the age of 12 can preferably report to the ZOO, where a program will be provided for the children during the workday. In other places, the participation of smaller children is not expected.

Transport to each location is individual, but in case of greater interest (more than 10 people), we can arrange a minibus to the shelter in Haniska (please report your interest to the activity coordinator after registration).

Feel free to log in here:
 Registration - Steelmakers for Košice 2024

You can find more information, including contacts for coordinators and links to articles about upcoming activities at:
  Volunteering - U. S. Steel Košice

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