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Scott Buckiso thanks the organisers

Created: 6/22/2016
Author: Iveta Fialová
Category: 13/2016

Fifth year of Family Safety Day as seen by the organisation team 

Nearly five thousand visitors came to the "Family Safety Day – Where does your father/mother work?" open-day event. The organisation team comprised approximately five hundred organisers and suppliers, of which 350 were employees of our company. U. S. Steel Košice President Scott Buckiso met representatives of the working teams on Monday, June 13 to thank them for the preparation and cooperation for the fifth year of this annual event.

At the beginning, Director of USSK Public Affairs Ján Bača, whose team prepared the day, briefly presented the event and the participation of individual member teams: the staff of the Department of GM Occupational Safety and Hygiene and REACH, the sections of Vice President Operations, Vice President Subsidiaries and Services and Vice President Engineering and Innovation, the BSC and HR departments, and the works fire brigade.

Some steelmakers and their family members with attractive hobbies prepared an interesting program on the stage, e.g. traditional folk singer Andrej Demko; the Sound Tension and Infinity Quartet bands; guitar player Dušan Martoník; young beginning singer Klaudia Bukovenská (known as Klaudia Vens); or the successful acrobatic dancer Karin Girovská. There were workshops presented by floriculturist Martin Hôždala from the Cokery Division, interested in citrus trees and bonsais, and bonsai culturist Peter Vitéz from the Blast Furnaces Division; and Gizka Bulová, former member of the Finance Department, producing bone lace.

For the first time the children could meet the President, who answered their impatient questions. Traditionally, an inseparable part of Family Safety Day are the plant tours.  This year the visitors could walk through the Radiators operation in the Radiators and Tubes Division. An alternative was also available: a bus tour around the steelworks on which the visitors could see the HDG Line No. 3. The team of over fifty steelmakers provided guidance, safety, logistics, registration and supervision of the visitors.

Moreover, the visitiors enjoyed even more partners offering entertainment as well as education. Those present were the Faculty of Metallurgy at the Technical University of Košice; the Vocational School in Košice-Šaca, which experienced the Family Safety Day for the first time, the SR Police Force, the Volkswagen Slovakia Foundation, the Dôvera and General health insurance companies, the Slovak Technical Museum in Košice and the Košice Rescue Service.

The organisers have already managed to assess the questionnaires filled in by the Family Safety Day visitors, and their positive as well as critical responses will be used as feedback for future events, as 98% of respondents stated that they wish this tradition to continue.

U. S. Steel Košice President Scott Buckiso thanked all the people who helped to organise the largest company event even in this not-easy period. "Despite the fact that we have had to make many difficult decisions, it was no problem for me to decide to organise the Family Safety Day event. Safety at work of our employees, and the principle of their returning home in the same condition as they came to work, is our top priority. It was amazing to see the children and their families enjoying this day. Thanks to all who participated in the preparation of this great event."

A similar opinion was also expressed by USSK General Manager Occupational Safety and Hygiene and REACH, Mark Salo. "Since February, when we started preparing this event, much work has been done. From year to year, the quality of this event is growing and we are proud that we can offer this kind of benefit to our employees and their families. Satisfaction of 98% is a high number, and we can only wish to achieve such results in other areas. I would like to thank the organisers of this event for their excellent and precise work."


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