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Steelmakers have hearts open to others’ needs

Created: 12/4/2018
Author: U. S. Steel Košice
Category: Community

Press Release

Košice, December 4, 2018The Christmas Charity Hut of U. S. Steel Košice has been a part of the Christmas Market on Hlavná Street for thirteen years. From December 5th to 20th the steelmaking company will be giving an opportunity to sixteen non-profit organizations to present their activities to the general public, and assisting with public fund-raising towards their further development. The organizations involved will be local foster homes, civic associations for disabled children and adults, as well as medical and educational institutions. “These organizations are parts of our community, and they do a lot of useful work for the inhabitants of this region. They take care of children, the disabled or people in need. They are worthy of our attention and support,” said U. S. Steel Košice President James Bruno before the hut opening. Company employees and scholarship holders contribute to this support directly as well, as they help to run the hut voluntarily, keeping it open daily from 10 am till 8 pm.

For a long-time U. S. Steel Košice has also paid special attention to foster homes in Eastern Slovakia. Steelmakers are helping again to fulfil children’s desires through the Wishing Trees, which have been located within the company premises in this pre-Christmas time. They have taken 158 cards with children’s wishes and bought presents for the children in St. Klement Hofbauer Foster Home in Podolínec and Uralská Street Foster Home in Košice, as well as for young adults in the Halfway House in Košice. The dreams of children in steelmakers’ families experiencing difficult circumstances have also been fulfilled. The Company and the employees’ colleagues express their solidarity through the We Are With You At The Right Time project. Apart from the gifts and financial help amounting to 37 000 euros, the recipients mainly appreciate the interest in their lives and the experiences from many corporate events which they are invited to enjoy during the whole year, and which also help them to cope in hard times.

The fund-raising for some local health-care institutions during the pre-Christmas period has become another traditional charity activity of the Košice steelmakers. This time they are helping to establish an audio-center equipped with quality medical devices for the University Children’s Hospital to enable diagnostics and treatment of children with hearing disabilities. Above all it will improve the standard of care provided to the young patients, who will no longer have to travel hundreds of kilometers for regular treatment in Bratislava. During the last few years the steelmakers have collected more than 1.42 million   euros for new digital x-ray apparatus for the East Slovakian Oncology Institute, electric positionable beds and ultrasound equipment for the University Children’s Hospital, or special equipment for the Louis Pasteur University Hospital, the East Slovakian Institute for Cardio-vascular Diseases, and other health-care institutions with regional responsibility. The sum collected during this year’s fund-raising will be announced at the Christmas Charity Concert, where the charity activities of U. S. Steel Košice usually culminate every year. A symbolic check will be presented to the Children’s Faculty Hospital jointly by an employee representative and the President of the company, as it matches the sum collected by the employees with its own donation. “Noble actions are not measured by the size of any gift, but through the heart, when it is open to others’ needs and looking for ways to help. Our company is successful thanks to the everyday hard work of our employees, so it can help during the whole year with a bigger portion, but everybody can contribute with a noble deed,” says U. S. Steel Košice President James Bruno.

The charity concert, at which Katarína Knechtová, Peter Cmorík, Mária Čírová will be among the performing artists, will be held on December 14th, 2018 in the Košice State Theatre, and highlights of the concert will also be broadcast by RTVS on December 22nd at 3.50 pm on Channel 2. The steelmakers will also donate the proceeds from the concert ticket sales to the Friends of Children with Hearing Disabilities civic association in Prešov, which provides activities supporting creativity and education to disabled children and young people.

For further information contact:
Ján Bača, Spokesman, U. S. Steel Košice, Phone: +421 55 673 4476, E-mail:


Everybody can join us in helping the following organizations in the Christmas Hut on Hlavná Street from December 5 to December 20, 2018, 10AM-8PM

December 5, 2018    ArtEst – Esthetic Education of Disabled Youth, Košice  
December 6, 2018    The Chance (for children in a wheelchair), Košice
December 7, 2018    Forrest Gump Club, Košice
December 8, 2018    Psychosocial Center, Löfflerova St., Košice
December 9, 2018    Creative Workshop Civic Association, Košice
December 10, 2018   Slovak Union for the Blind and Partially Sighted, Košice branch  
December 11, 2018   Happiness - Association of Relatives & Friends in Košice
December 12, 2018   Archdiocesan Charity Košice
December 13, 2018   League Against Cancer, Košice branch  
December 14,2018   Uralská Street Foster Home, Košice
December 15, 2018   Association of Mutual Help of People and Dogs, Košice
December 16, 2018   Smile At Me Civic Association, Košice  
December 17, 2018   Re-education Centre, Bankov, Košice  
December 18, 2018   ETP Slovakia - Centre for Sustainable Development, Košice
December 19, 2018   Rubikon Autistic Centre, Košice
December 20, 2018   Elementary Arts School – Painting Section, Kováčska St., Košice



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