U. S. Steel, Equinor and Shell to Explore Regional Clean Energy Opportunities

U. S. Steel, Equinor and Shell to Explore Regional Clean Energy Opportunities

United States Steel Corporation announced that it has entered into a non-exclusive Cooperation Agreement with Equinor US Holdings Inc and Shell US Gas & Power LLC to advance a collaborative clean energy hub in the Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania region. The hub would focus on decarbonization opportunities that feature carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), as well as hydrogen production and utilization. The development of this hub, and its associated infrastructure, would generate new, sustainable jobs, stimulate economic growth, and help achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions.

The regional CCUS and hydrogen hub aligns with both the United States’ and project partners’ ambitions to realize net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To support its development, Equinor and Shell will jointly apply for US Department of Energy funding designated for the creation of regional clean energy hubs. U. S. Steel is evaluating the role it may play in the hub, including as a potential funding participant, customer, supplier, or partner.

“Establishing a low carbon hub in this region could have a profound impact on both the climate and the economy, creating sustainable jobs that will support families for many years to come,” says Grete Tveit, SVP Equinor Low Carbon Solutions. “For 14 years we have been engaged and investing in this region, and our significant equity gas production in the Appalachia region has proved to be an important low carbon asset in our portfolio. In collaboration with partners and the local community, we’re proud to advance this initiative and America’s net zero future.”

With an abundance of low carbon gas, a robust industrial sector, and a skilled workforce, the tristate region boasts the optimal location for a potential hub. Equinor and Shell are uniquely positioned to help develop a clean energy hub in the region with each having several operational projects around the world. U. S. Steel is a historic innovator and leader in the energy efficient production of steel. And, it has a strategy focused on creating a more sustainable future for all its stakeholders.

“We’re proud of the collaboration with Equinor and U. S. Steel,” says Lee Stockwell, GM US Carbon Capture and Storage for Shell and signee of the Cooperation Agreement. “Together, we’ll continue to leverage our deep technical experience, existing networks, and seek to buildout the partnership with our customers and other partners.”

“U. S. Steel is investing significant resources to achieve the sustainability goals in our Best for All® strategy, and we know we cannot do it all alone. Successfully addressing the climate crisis requires public and private collaborations,” says Richard L. Fruehauf, U. S. Steel’s Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer. “We cannot —and will not —stand still, and this agreement is another effort to advance profitable, sustainable steel solutions for people and the planet.”

To realize the true potential of a working hub, private and public engagement is critical. Equinor, Shell, and U. S. Steel will be engaging the local industry, labor, educational institutions, and communities, and others.

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