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U. S. Steel Košice also plans to find an investor for pipe production

Created: 3/19/2020
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Category: 06/2020

Pipe production at U. S. Steel Košice has a tradition going back several decades. The Company makes spiral-welded pipes using a flux system on two welding lines with an annual production capacity of 80 000 – 100 000 tons. These pipes are made from cold-rolled sheets of low-carbon as well as high-strength micro-alloyed steels. They are sold all over Europe, finding application in the construction of pipelines for transporting gas, oil and water, and in the construction industry as well. “Pipe production however is not one of U. S. Steel Košice's primary types of business, and pipes belong in the “supplementary product” category. Even so, this production process also requires continuous improvement, new investment, and finding new markets. It would surely be more appropriate if this production segment were taken over by a well-established firm specializing in pipe-making and with a wealth of experience in this field of business. For these reasons we are looking for a suitable investor who will meet all our requirements,” says Juraj Mondík, who has been put in charge of managing this project.


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