Highlights of 08/2011

Highlights of 08/2011

Employees' meetings with management ecommence

After another year the employees of U. S. Steel Kosice and its subsidiary companies are attending meetings with top managers, to hear assessments of the Company's business activities over the past twelve months and statements of the aims for the year 2011, and to discuss issues in specific Company operations. The first meeting took place yesterday, April 12, and the last of the five meetings will be on Thursday, April 14. The priority theme for these, the largest operational meetings of the year, is occupational safety.

Golden hat-trick comes true

Last Thursday, April 7, the ice-hockey players of HC Kosice won their eighth national champions' title, the sixth in the independent Slovakian Extra League. For the first time in the history of this highest-level competition, the Club has succeeded in gaining the title of Champions of the Slovak Republic three times in a row. In the words of HC Kosice President Miroslav Kiralvarga, speaking immediately after the deciding match against Poprad, not one of these titles was won easily, and the team values every one of them highly. They are the result of the professionality of the Kosice ice-hockey club. On Saturday, April 9, the players and the organizing team met Kosice City Mayor Richard Rasi, who congratulated the Club on its double hat-trick. The fact is that in this season the champions' titles were also won by the Junior and Youth teams as well.

Road-menders proceed with spring repairs

On Monday of this week the road-menders appeared with their tarmac cutters on the roads around U. S. Steel Kosice. This was the beginning of the yearly repairs to the most severely damaged sections of road, impacted by winter conditions and constant wear and tear from heavy vehicles. All sections of road should be repaired by the end of June this year.

Competition for children to mark their special day

Here is an opportunity for all talented children to show off their artistic skills. If they draw a picture on the theme of a journey around the world and send it in by May 2, they can win a cell-phone. This is the prize awaiting the creator of the best drawing, which will also be transformed into a poster advertizing the events taking place on Children's Day. Drawings should be sent to Public Affairs Dept, Vstupny areal U. S. Steel Kosice, 044 54 Kosice - and remember to write the artist's name, age, address and a contact phone number on the back.

ECC 2013 investment projects

Sixty million euros from EU structural funds have been set aside by the SR Government for investment projects which are to be carried out by the City of Kosice, Kosice Self-governing Region and the SR Ministry for Culture and Tourism as part of the European Capital of Culture 2013 project. The Eurofunds intended for financing activities managed by the City amount to 45 million euros, with the condition of cofinancing of ten per cent by the state treasury and five per cent from the city's budget. Key projects are the Barracks/Culture Park and SPOTs, which are among the developments that gained the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2013 for Kosice in the first place.

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