Highlights of 09/2011

Highlights of 09/2011

Daffodil Day at USSK brings in over 4400 euros

On April 15 the steelmakers took active part in the 15th edition of the annual public-benefit fundraising organized throughout Slovakia by the League Against Cancer, called Daffodil Day. Volunteers from the League itself and from among the ranks of USSK employees collected more than 4400 euros around the steelworks. The proceeds from this fundraising will enable the League Against Cancer to implement projects and programs for the benfit of oncology patients, and to continue its activities in the fields of education of young people and disease prevention.

New Center of Specialist Education opens in Kosice

In the last few days a new Center of Specialist Education was opened at the Secondary Electrotechnical School in Kosice. This is the ninth such center to be set up by the Kosice Self-governing Region as constitutor, and it is focused on automation, electrical and information technologies. The constitutor's intention is to make specialist education more attractive, increase the competitiveness of the school and its graduates, support the students' creativity and develop their entrepreneurial thinking. U. S. Steel Kosice is already planning its cooperation in the running of the Center, as well as how to make best use of it, especially since this is the first year in which the school is preparing future specialists in electricity generating for the Company.

Volunteer Days in June

This year's U. S. Steel Kosice Volunteer Days (June 17-18) are part of the project called Our Kosice, which is open to all business entities, state and non-governmental organizations, groups and individuals. Volunteers from among the employees of the Company and its subsidiaries will be able to choose from eight activities, six of which will involve manual work. In addition to the now tried-and-tested Steelmakers' Drop of Blood donor drive, and the collection of clothing, bed-linen, kitchen utensils and long-life groceries for the crisis center and charity house, employees this year will be helping the Rubikon Autism Center in Myslava, the Kosice Botanical Gardens, the Sosna Ecological Education Center in Druzstevna pri Hornade, the Ludova Street Special Nursery School in Kosice, the Union for Mutual Assistance of People and Dogs, and Kosice Zoo.

Slovakia lives for the World Ice-hockey Championships

No organizing country has won gold in the World Ice-hockey Championships since the Soviet Union in 1986. We would be overjoyed if it could be the Slovaks who manage to beat this trend in the upcoming 75th edition of this annual hockey tournament. The title of 2011 World Champions will be fought out in Slovakia from April 29 to May 15 by 16 teams initially divided into four groups. Bratislava will be home to eight teams in basic groups A and D, while the other eight teams will be playing in groups B and C at the Steel Arena here in Kosice. Altogether during the whole hockey championships these two cities will see a total of 56 matches played.

Kosice City Days commence

This year's celebrations of Kosice City Days (April 28 to May 9) are dedicated to the 642nd anniversary of the granting of the first armorial warrant to Kosice as a city. The organizers of this event, which as in preceding years is being sponsored by U. S. Steel Kosice, have prepared a range of novelties for residents and visitors in Kosice alike, in addition to the now traditionally successful genres of cultural, entertainment and social events and programs. The steelmakers will have their own irons in the fire in the second edition of the goulash-cooking competition.

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