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Highlights of 16/2004

Created: 4/19/2004
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 16/2004

Development of Kosice region using EU funds

More than 200 representatives of the public and private sectors, mainly from the spheres of local government, education and health care, took up the invitation from U. S. Steel Kosice and the S&K Management Sytems agency and attended a seminar on Wednesday and Thursday last week named "Development of the Kosice region using EU funds".
This two-day specialist event, which took place at the Bankov Hotel in Kosice, was the first in a series of meetings. The next, with the same thematic focus, will be held before the end of this month in Spisska Nova Ves, Trebisov, Michalovce and Roznava. These seminars will be followed by workshops for groups of selected interested parties, who will be assisted by the agency over the course of the next six months to create their own projects in such a way that they can be successful in their applications for drawing down resources from the EU structural funds.
At last week's seminar the participants obtained answers to many questions connected with pre- and post-accession assistance from the EU. They received specific information about what the structural funds are intended to support, how they can be used, what opportunities are currently available for drawing down the funds, how to obtain alternative sources of development financing, how money is meant to flow from EU funds, and then how to prepare a good-quality project and finally how to implement it.

Kosice Ice-hockey Club has a new coaching team

The Kosice ice-hockey players will be starting the new Extra League season with a new pair of coaches Dusan Gregor and Miroslav Marcinko. Both were introduced at a recent press conference by HC Kosice President Lubomir Veme. Dusan Gregor was until recently coach at Dukla Trencin, and the trainers' tandem is completed by the former coach of the Kosice Under-18 League squad Miroslav Marcinko, who is himself a former Kosice player.
"Kosice hockey has always been known for its quality, and the club belongs in the top quartet of the Extra League, which is why I've responded to their interest and accepted their offer," Dusan Gregor tells Ocel Vychodu.
"There is an enthusiastic team of people in Kosice who want to see hockey played at a very good standard, and this is what attracts me to the east. In my work as coach here I'd like to build on the same foundations which brought us success in Trencin. Above all I'm going to insist that the players have to be willing to work on themselves, to make the effort to be constantly better. It's early days yet to be talking about the composition of the players' squad, but I'd like to be able to have four balanced formations. I want to involve young players in the game as well, ones who have come up from the junior squad," adds Gregor.

Ocel vychodu - winner of the competition Corporate Paper 2003

On Monday, in Bratislava hotel DANUBE evaluation of the first annual competition Corporate Paper 2003 was held. It was organized by the RM Production agency under auspices of Slovak Ministry of Economy and Minister of Economy, Pavol RUSKO. In the category "corporate paper", from among 15 Slovak participating papers won USSK weekly OCEL VYCHODU, beating Tatrabanka and EuroTel papers.
Committee consisting of renowned specialists in communications judged content, graphics, photography and linguistic style. In similar competitions in Europe participate both well-established and starting companies alike, presenting and comparing their respective communication tools - presenting how they professionally communicate with clients and employees. By this victory, OCEL VYCHODU has gained right to use certificate, logo and title "Corporate Paper of the Year".


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