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Selected news from the Company Newspaper:

Deputy Prime Minister SR visits U. S. Steel Košice
Steelmakers support paramedics and patients
Together for the Region program helps local communities


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Highlights of 51/2007

Mechanika staff's gift to little oncology patients The bonus of 239 904 SKK for two million injury-free hours which the employees of Mechanika Division...

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Highlights of 50/2007

Capacity and quality of waste-water cleaning improved The neutralization station at the Cold Rolling Mill awaits official approval this week, which will be...

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Highlights of 49/2007

People's Ambassador is leaving Ambassador Rodolphe M. Vallee was real people's ambassador, met lot of people, villages and towns, talk to large number of...

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Highlights of 48/2007

We need qualified specialists Possibilities for studying at secondary schools and universities, extracurricular courses and pre-school education as well as...

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Highlights of 47/2007

President meets trades unionists Even though the trades unionists have regular meetings with Company management including the President of U. S. Steel...

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Highlights of 46/2007

International Ekotopfilm 2007 festival coming to Kosice The thirty-fourth international festival of films about sustainable development, Ekotopfilm 2007,...

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Highlights of 45/2007

Now we are testing the basic processes We have completed the ERP project Global Design Model The ERP project, is a project for the effective...

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Highlights of 44/2007

House of Quiet Agedness visited by great volunteer party Last Sunday, October 27th, the House of Quiet Agedness on Juzna trieda (South Drive) in Kosice was...

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Highlights of 43/2007

Families Do Sport Last Saturday the grounds of the Sports-Fun Area on Alejova Street in Kosice were full of people in good mood. Kosice steelmakers and...

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Highlights of 42/2007

Volunteers! Come to the House of Quiet Agedness at Juzna Trieda to help! Let´s finish what has been commenced! Do you remember the beginning of this...

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Highlights of 41/2007

Safety Video for October 2007 The metallurgical industry could not exist without fire - it would certainly not be possible to make any steel without it. On...

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Highlights of 40/2007

Members of USS Board of Directors in Kosice On the eve of the official opening of galvanizing line no. 3, the members of the U. S. Steel Board of Directors...

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Highlights of 39/2007

Today is our big day (pdf, 1.26 MB) Special edition dedicated to Grand opening of the new galvanizing line USSK opens new galvanizing line no.3 ...

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Highlights of 38/2007

Manual work replaced by automation Is U. S. Steel Kosice going to take on young "reinforcements"? That was one of the questions put to President David H....

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Highlights of 37/2007

Three steelmakers get Association award Last Friday, September 7th, Slovak miners, geologists, steelmakers and oilmen celebrated once again, one year on,...

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Highlights of 36/2007

Interview with Dave H. Lohr · What is the ERP project about and what are the benefits from your perspective? ERP is an abbreviation for The Enterprise...

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Highlights of 35/2007

We fulfill environmental requirements The U. S. Steel Kosice project named Waste Dump for Non-dangerous Waste was recently the subject of public...

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Highlights of 34/2007

Measuring and analysis with the hallmark of the highest creditworthiness Last Tuesday, August 14th, the Slovakian National Accreditation Service granted...

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Highlights of 33/2007

Interview with John A. Rose, General Manager ERP Project · Can you tell us the basic scope, ambit of the project ERP? What does ERP mean? ERP is...

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Highlights of 32/2007

Key Corporation project will need active cooperation of all of us We want to be the best and most successful among the world steel producers. Therefore, we...

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Highlights of 31/2007

Information on occupational injuries from the first hand It is Thursday, July 26, a few minutes to 1:00 p.m.. Calm atmosphere at the gatehouses is from...

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Highlights of 30/2007

Safety during the 1st half of the year 2007 A half of the year is a period for reviewing a safe work. During previous six months the best results were...

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Highlights of 29/2007

Ambassador of the Korean Republic at USSK A courtesy visit including an excursion round some production operations (Steel Plant and Hot Strip Mill) was...

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Highlights of 28/2007

U. S. Steel announces key management changes at domestic operations United States Steel Corporation has announced key management changes at Gary Works...

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