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Deputy Prime Minister SR visits U. S. Steel Košice
Steelmakers support paramedics and patients
Together for the Region program helps local communities


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Highlights of 51/2006

David H. Lohr meets Mechanika Division employees The last of this year's working lunches for Company employees with U. S. Steel Kosice President David H....

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Highlights of 50/2006

4 071 498 SKK for the Children's Hospital Rich, generous, full of good deeds and fulfilled wishes, but full of surprises too - such was the grand Christmas...

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Highlights of 49/2006

Kosice Christmas begins Tuesday evening saw the official inauguration of Kosice Christmas 2006, which features various attractive accompanying events. The...

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Highlights of 48/2006

SR Prime Minister visits USSK Following the decision to expand the European Union to include Bulgaria and Romania, the European Commission must decide how...

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Highlights of 47/2006

SteelUniversity Challenge 2006 In the last few days the second edition of the annual competition took place which is organized by the International Iron...

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Highlights of 46/2006

Let's help cure our children The announcement of a collection at the Kosice steelworks, initiated this year by the management of U. S. Steel Kosice, has...

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Highlights of 45/2006

U. S. Steel Kosice - Company of the Year for the second time Annual Prizes for extraordinary business achievements were awarded in Bratislava on Tuesday...

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Highlights of 44/2006

Prestigious DuPont Award for U. S. Steel Kosice The international corporation DuPont Safety Resources, world leader in the field of occupational safety and...

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Highlights of 43/2006

EKOTOPFILM 2006 begins in Bratislava This Monday, October 23rd, saw the beginning in the Tatra Hotel complex in Bratislava of the 23rd edition of the...

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Highlights of 42/2006

We know the 3rd-quarter Global Value Plus Awards winners In July of this year the staff of the BSC organization were introduced globally to the new program...

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Highlights of 41/2006

New investor in the region Yesterday, October 10th, a working meeting was held at the Economic Development Center on Alzbetina Street, at which the arrival...

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Highlights of 40/2006

US Ambassador in Slovakia visits USSK During his visit to Kosice on Wednesday of last week, the Ambassador of the United States of America in Slovakia...

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Highlights of 39/2006

American analysts at the steelworks A three-member team of American investment analysts led by U. S. Steel Corporation Investor Relations Manager Nick...

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Highlights of 38/2006

Scholarship program participants visit USSK Since the year 2004 U. S. Steel Kosice has been applying its scholarship program to support studying by...

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Highlights of 37/2006

Awards for four of our colleagues Last Friday, September 8th, Banska Stiavnica was taken over by miners, geologists, metallurgists and oil prospecters, who...

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Highlights of 36/2006

We know the winners of Talent Night 2006 The 6th edition of the young performers' support project U. S. Steel Talent Night 2006 has produced new winners....

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Highlights of 35/2006

Employee Representative Meetings After the U. S. Steel corporation-wide safety stand downs, last week as well as this week employee safety representatives...

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Highlights of 34/2006

Partnership cooperation between U. S. Steel Europe operations The system of exchange of experience in the field of occupational safety between U. S. Steel...

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Highlights of 33/2006

Focus on occupational safety and prevention The area of occupational safety and health protection is a subject which the Metalurg U. S. Steel Kosice Trades...

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Highlights of 32/2006

Construction of HDG Line No.3 making headway The hall for the new hot-dip galvanizing line no.3 is one of the newest buildings at U. S. Steel Kosice which...

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Highlights of 31/2006

Hermetic sealing at Cokery almost complete The Chemicals plant at the Cokery division has lost its characteristic unpleasant smell. This is the result of...

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Highlights of 30/2006

U. S. Steel Corporation reports 2Q results United States Steel Corporation reported second quarter 2006 net income of $404 million compared to second...

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Highlights of 29/2006

BSC Global Value Plus Award Our global management BSC has approved a new program, one proposed for the purpose of awarding employees of BSC from around the...

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Highlights of 28/2006

Center of Excellence for electro-steels commences activity In September 2004 USSK GM Research and Development Frederick J. Mannion introduced the idea of...

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