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Deputy Prime Minister SR visits U. S. Steel Košice
Steelmakers support paramedics and patients
Together for the Region program helps local communities


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Highlights of 26/2012

Kosice steelmakers care about the fate of others On December 5, the U. S. Steel Kosice Charity Hut was opened on Main Street, where from December 5 to 22...

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Highlights of 25/2012

Ferdinand Koca is Top Manager for Quality Ferdinand Koca, head of U. S. Steel Kosice QMS Department, has become Top Manager for Quality in 2012. He is the...

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Highlights of 24/2012

Third gala evening for long-serving employees Last Friday, November 16, the third of four gala evenings this year was held for long-serving employees of U....

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Highlights of 23/2012

Delegation from Krasnojarsk visits Kosice Region and steelworks Between October 24 to 27 a group of representatives of the Krasnojarsk Region of the...

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Highlights of 22/2012

George F. Babcoke with Kosice's steelmakers Senior Vice President - Europe & Global Operations Services United States Steel Corporation George F....

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Highlights of 21/2012

Start of this year's meetings with long-serving employees This year precisely 137 employees of the Cokery, Blast Furnaces and Steel Plants divisions of...

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Highlights of 20/2012

First Family Safety Day event is a success Last weekend, for the first time in its history, U. S. Steel Kosice opened its gates to the steelworkers'...

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Highlights of 19/2012

Banska Stiavnica comes alive with Miners' Day Celebrations The culmination of the Salamander Days, through which ancient Banska Stiavnica recalls its...

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Highlights of 18/2012

To Brno with the motto: CLOSE TO YOU There's less than two weeks to go now till the opening of the international engineering trade fair in Brno, Czech...

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Highlights of 17/2012

Where does my father, my mother work? Family Safety Day On September 22 U. S. Steel Kosice opens its gates not only to its employees but also to their...

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Highlights of 16/2012

Minister for Trade and Industry visits U. S. Steel Kosice On Friday, July 20, the Minister for Trade and Industry of the Slovak Republic Tomas Malatinsky...

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Highlights of 15/2012

Mario Longhi and George Babcoke visit Kosice steelmakers Between July 10 and 12, U. S. Steel Kosice was the first operation of the United States Steel...

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Highlights of 14/2012

Mario Longhi joins U. S. Steel as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer United States Steel Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer...

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Highlights of 13/2012

Steel Park-Creative Factory ECC project presentation Yesterday, June 19, there was a meeting attended by SR Minister for Culture Marek Maďaric, Kosice...

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Highlights of 12/2012

Managers talk business The results of business in the first quarter of this year, the current situation on the steel market, and the prospects for the...

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Highlights of 11/2012

Weekend devoted to volunteering Ten activities for eleven institutions attracted more than 500 steelmakers, their family members and representatives of our...

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Highlights of 10/2012

Quality Management System audit From May 14 - 17 a four-day external audit of the quality management system is to be carried out at U. S. Steel Kosice....

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Highlights of 09/2012

United States Steel Corporation reports 2012 first quarter results On April 24, 2012 United States Steel Corporation reported a first quarter 2012 net loss...

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Highlights of 08/2012

Occupational safety and health protection is solely in our hands This idea is currently being propagated by more than fifty billboards placed in workplaces...

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Highlights of 07/2012

Meeting on energy use in the steel industry Representatives of fourteen companies which are members of the World Steel Association (WSA - formerly the...

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Highlights of 06/2012

Q1 certificate renewed for another period The Ford Motor Company has confirmed renewal of U. S. Steel Kosice's Q1 certificate for another period. This...

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Highlights of 05/2012

Visitors at USSK On February 16 and 17, U. S. Steel Kosice welcomed several foreign visitors, invited here by Company President David J. Rintoul. The first...

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Highlights of 04/2012

USSK president David J. Rintoul acknowledges injury-free work at Cokery On Friday of last week, February 10, U. S. Steel Kosice President David J. Rintoul...

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Highlights of 03/2012

United States Steel Corporation reports 2011 fourth quarter and full-year results and announces completion of the sale of U. S. Steel Serbia On January 31,...

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