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Deputy Prime Minister SR visits U. S. Steel Košice
Steelmakers support paramedics and patients
Together for the Region program helps local communities


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Highlights of 26/2011

Wishing Tree Charity Concert The Wishing Tree Christmas Charity Concert, which took place on December 9 in the Kosice State Theater, was the culmination of...

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Highlights of 25/2011

Power engineering with three million injury-free hours In recent days U. S. Steel Kosice Power Engineering Division has achieved a remarkable result -...

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Highlights of 24/2011

Celebration for employees from Maintenance, Transport, Mechanics and Power Engineering The third of this year's gala evenings for long-serving employees of...

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Highlights of 23/2011

George F. Babcoke visits Kosice steelmakers This week, from November 7 to 11, the Kosice operation of United States Steel Corporation is being visited by...

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Highlights of 22/2011

Kosice/Presov Invest 2011 Presentation of investment opportunities in the region of Eastern Slovakia was the main content of the international conference...

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Highlights of 21/2011

Eighth international conference on steel strips held More than 90 specialists dealing with issues of production, processing and finalizing of hot- and...

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Highlights of 20/2011

Let's do what's right Last week all the plants and subsidiaries of the United States Steel Corporation worldwide held a Week of Ethics and Keeping...

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Highlights of 19/2011

USSK at the celebrations in Banska Stiavnica To pay tribute to one's craft, and honor those who have been faithful to it. This was the main aim of this...

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Highlights of 18/2011

Approaching customers with a new trade mark U. S. Steel Kosice recently extended the portfolio of its own registered trade marks. Registration with the...

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Highlights of 17/2011

George Babcoke and other corporation managers visited U. S. Steel Kosice Last week, George Babcoke, Tony Bridge, Ed Denton, Jeff Dierdorf and Stacey...

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Highlights of 16/2011

ZERO injuries for almost 70 days July is the second month in the row for U. S. Steel Kosice with zero injury results, thus overcoming the last-year record...

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Highlights of 15/2011

Coated Products and Tin Mill Division with a million injury-free hours On June 7 this year the Coated Products and Tin Mill team credited their account...

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Highlights of 14/2011

Awards for most active volunteers The fifth edition of the annual volunteer event called U. S. Steel Kosice Volunteer Days attracted more than five hundred...

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Highlights of 13/2011

U. S. Steel Kosice Volunteer Days for the fifth time Kosice's steelmakers have contributed to the European Year of Volunteering 2011 in truly exemplary...

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Highlights of 12/2011

Support for 12 public-benefit projects in Together For The Region grant program Twelve projects have won financial support for their implementation in the...

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Highlights of 11/2011

APEAL members visit U. S. Steel Kosice On May 23 and 24 U. S. Steel Kosice was visited by members of the Association of European Producers of Steel for...

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Highlights of 10/2011

Trade unionists assess the year's activity More than a hundred trade unionists, delegates from the 13 basic union organizations within the steelworks, met...

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Highlights of 09/2011

Daffodil Day at USSK brings in over 4400 euros On April 15 the steelmakers took active part in the 15th edition of the annual public-benefit fundraising...

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Highlights of 08/2011

Employees' meetings with management ecommence After another year the employees of U. S. Steel Kosice and its subsidiary companies are attending meetings...

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Highlights of 07/2011

R & D manager Ladislav Horvath to represent USSK in WSA On March 1st, Ladislav Horvath from the staff of GM Research and Development USSE became a...

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Highlights of 06/2011

Road Transport fleet upgraded with MAN utility trucks On Tuesday of last week, March 8th, the works yard of the Transportation Division's Road Transport...

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Highlights of 05/2011

Vladimir Jacko becomes president of AMMIG SR Due to his new professional appointment overseas, on February 17th Miroslav Kiralrga stepped down from the...

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Highlights of 04/2011

Optech hybrid now in the classroom On Wednesday, February 2, 2011 a new diagnostic center for machines and equipment was opened at the Secondary Vocational...

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Highlights of 03/2011

Prime Minister Iveta Radicova visits U. S. Steel Kosice During the afternoon of Friday, January 21st, Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Iveta Radicova...

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