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Deputy Prime Minister SR visits U. S. Steel Košice
Steelmakers support paramedics and patients
Together for the Region program helps local communities


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Highlights of 51/2005

Professionals work safely On Thursday of last week the Metallurgical Vocational School in Kosice-Saca was the venue for the judging of the final round of...

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Highlights of 50/2005

Christmas charity concert The Christmas charity concert named "Bountiful Snowflakes", which took place in Kosice State Theater on Friday evening last week,...

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Highlights of 49/2005

We have collected 1 264 824 crowns U. S. Steel Kosice employees have once again pulled off an impressive feat. The voluntary collection for the East...

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Highlights of 48/2005

President David H. Lohr meets Kosice journalists Last Thursday, on the very day of the 5th anniversary of the start of operations at U. S. Steel Kosice, a...

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Highlights of 47/2005

November 24th 2000 USSK was established Five years ago, on November 24th 2000 the new history of steel production in the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia...

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Highlights of 46/2005

U. S. Steel Kosice is Company of the Year Annual awards for outstanding business results were presented in Bratislava on Tuesday by the weekly magazinne...

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Highlights of 45/2005

Professionals work safely The USSK project called "Professionals work safely", which takes a preventive approach towards educating young people in the ways...

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Highlights of 44/2005

USSK film award Last week U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr, Vice-president Operations Scott C. Pape and General Manager Environmental Tibor...

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Highlights of 43/2005

Ekotopfilm first in Bratislava, then in Kosice Monday of this week saw the beginning in Bratislava of the 32nd international specialist film festival...

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Highlights of 42/2005

New organization structure implemented in HR sector The result of the APT process, involving analyses leading to transformation of particular activities...

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Highlights of 41/2005

Appreciation for USSK employees Kosice State Theater was the venue on Monday, October 10th, for an extraordinary session of the Council of the Kosice...

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Highlights of 40/2005

Excellent atmosphere fills Kosice streets during 82nd edition of Peace Marathon Almost 1300 long-distance runners in the full and half marathons,...

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Highlights of 39/2005

American Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors at USSK On Wednesday, September 21st at U. S. Steel Kosice there was a session of the Board of Directors of...

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Highlights of 38/2005

Professionals work safely Last week U. S. Steel Kosice started off the project named Professionals work safely, whose aim is focus young students'...

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Highlights of 37/2005

Safety Project Yesterday, Tuesday, September 13th, U. S. Steel Kosice began a professional safety project in Kosice's secondary schools, intended to...

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Highlights of 36/2005

Cokery workers talk with President David Lohr Eight out of nine selected employees of USSK Cokery Division met on Wednesday, August 31st, for another of...

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Highlights of 35/2005

U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr visits Refrako On Wednesday afternoon last week, U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr paid a working visit...

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Highlights of 34/2005

Occupational safety through children's eyes For the fifth time now an art competition on the theme of safety and health protection at work is being...

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Highlights of 33/2005

Meeting on occupational safety At this year's April employees' meetings with U. S. Steel Kosice management, at which much was said about occupational...

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Highlights of 32/2005

Refrako's tender is successful Global purchasing and procurement projects in the USA and in Europe, aiming to transform purchasing methods and...

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Highlights of 31/2005

U. S. Steel Kosice Gallery exhibits employees' photographs Nearly forty of the best photographs from this year's photo competition for U. S. Steel Kosice...

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Highlights of 30/2005

Andrew S. Armstrong is new Vice-president IT From August 1st 2005 the new U. S. Steel Kosice Vice-president Information Technology will be Andrew S....

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Highlights of 29/2005

Cost-saving Program successful The objectives of the Cost-saving Program for the first half of this year were successfully achieved, and compared with the...

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Highlights of 28/2005

Charge d'affaires Scott N. Thayer in Kosice again The Charge d'affaires at the Embassy of the USA in Bratislava Scott N. Thayer recently took part...

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