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Deputy Prime Minister SR visits U. S. Steel Košice
Steelmakers support paramedics and patients
Together for the Region program helps local communities


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Highlights of 26/2010

Wishing Tree Christmas Charity Concert The Wishing Tree Christmas Charity Concert, which took place in Kosice State Theater on December 10th this yaer, was...

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Highlights of 25/2010

Prize from the Kosice municipal region for George F. Babcoke On November 26th 2010 the prize of the Kosice municipal region, for making an exceptional...

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Highlights of 24/2010

Steel Arena comes alive for steelmakers' big day Ten years in Slovakia - this was the name of the entertainment event which took place in the Steel Arena...

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Highlights of 23/2010

Award-winning quality On Monday, November 8th 2010, the ceremonial handing over of the 2010 Slovak Republic National Quality Awards took place in the...

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Highlights of 22/2010

Q1 award for USSK from Ford Motor Company Ford notified U. S. Steel Kosice this week that we have been awarded Q1 status for 2011. The Ford Q1 program is a...

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Highlights of 21/2010

U. S. Steel Kosice gains SR National Quality Award 2010 U. S. Steel Kosice has been declared the winner of the Slovak Republic's National Quality Award for...

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Highlights of 20/2010

Founding meeting of U. S. Steel Kosice Women's Network U. S. Steel Kosice has joined the worldwide Women's Network, which has active membership in the...

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Highlights of 19/2010

New parking-lot for trucks On September 2nd a new waiting area with 53 parking spaces was made available to truck drivers near Gate No.4 to the U. S. Steel...

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Highlights of 18/2010

The Slovak minister of labour, family, and social affairs Jozef Mihal at USSK On Friday August 20th, U. S. Steel Kosice welcomed Jozef Mihal, the minister...

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Highlights of 17/2010

Jan Vranec has passed away Last Thursday, August 12th, was the day for colleagues to pay their last respects in memory of Jan Vranec, who finally lost his...

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Highlights of 16/2010

Matthew Todd Lewis to take charge of the finance department Following vice president William C. King, the finance department at U. S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o....

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Highlights of 15/2010

Summer repairs schedule starts U. S. Steel Kosice at the present time is experiencing its summer repairs schedule. July is given over to repairing primary...

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Highlights of 14/2010

From lecture hall to work experience For thirty-five university and college students who were successful in the selection process, July 1st was the...

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Highlights of 13/2010

Eurofer Environment Commission meets at USSK The best part of twenty members of the Eurofer association's Environment Commission, representing the most...

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Highlights of 12/2010

U. S. Steel Kosice helps villages stricken by floods The residents of seventeen villages in the environs of Kosice, and of the city itself, which were...

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Highlights of 11/2010

Volunteer Days attract over 400 USSK employees The fourth edition of the annual volunteer event named U. S. Steel for Kosice, which took place on May 14th...

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Highlights of 10/2010

Among those awarded in Kosice are two employees of U. S. Steel Kosice Celebrations this year for the city of Kosice days culminated on Friday May 7th, the...

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Highlights of 09/2010

Steelmakers collect over 4000 € for fighting cancer Anti-Cancer League activists and volunteers from the ranks of the steelmakers worked together at U....

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Highlights of 08/2010

Meetings with employees Last week, from April 7th to 9th, a series of meetings took place between the U. S. Steel Kosice management and employees. These...

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Highlights of 07/2010

Ten years since Memorandum of Understanding was signed Ten years ago, March 24th, 2000, representatives of the Government of the Slovak Republic and the...

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Highlights of 05/2010

George F. Babcoke meets students at TU Kosice The main lecture hall of the Technical University in Kosice, which the steelworks helped to reconstruct and...

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Highlights of 04/2010

Transport, Power and Maintenance with a million injury-free hours Last year individuals and teams at U. S. Steel Kosice submitted a total of 196 projects...

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Highlights of 03/2010

Transport, Power and Maintenance with a million injury-free hours Within a few days of each other in January, the U. S. Steel Kosice Transport, Power...

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Highlights of 02/2010

Visit by top management from Pittsburgh Last week U. S. Steel Kosice was visited by representatives of U. S. Steel Corporation's top management in...

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