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Pridané: 21.04.2014
Kategória: 08/2014

Tricky Words in this week's OVI

There are several pairs of tricky words in this week's extracts, and I suspect I've explained them before, so this will be a brief revision. Efficient means that a process works well, with maximum output for minimum input. Effective means an action which has the desired effect or impact. Continuous means an uninterrupted process or activity, like this: __________ . Continual means a process made up of repeated actions or events, like this: __ __ __ __ . Economic refers to a system of financial management. Economical means a system which saves money, or an engine which uses very little fuel. "Jubilejný" is used in Slovak to indicate any anniversary year ending in 0 or 5, e.g. the 5th, 10th, 20th, 45th. English "jubilee" is more limited, originally only the 50th anniversary.

Andy's Wordshop
Continuing with English idioms (phrases) involving animals: taking the lion's share means taking more than half of something; the lion's den means the place where some lions live, but also a dangerous challenge or a match against frightening opponents; somebody who goes into a situation too fast or not sensitively enough is like a bull in a china shop (china = porcelain); at the stock exchange (BCP), a bull market is when most prices are rising, and when they're falling it's a bear market; bears have a bad name in Slovak too, as in "medvedia služba", but not in English: you can "do someone a disservice" instead; separating the sheep from the goats means finding the good, useful members of a group or team and rejecting the bad, useless ones.



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