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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 23.06.2008
Kategória: 25/2008

There's another classic example this week of how the Slovak understanding of "tender" is different from the English meaning. In the article about Refrako it says "firma v tendri na dodávku ... uspela." This shows how the word "tender" has replaced the literally precise expression "výberové konanie" and the more informal "súťaž", and that in turn means that Slovak speakers need to be careful how they understand and use the word "tender" in English conversations with business partners from other countries, because they might understand the original English meaning, and the result might be confusion.

The English meaning of "tender" is similar to "bid", which is "ponuka". Companies wanting to win a contract to do some work send their tenders (the prices they intend to charge for the work) to the investing organization, which then checks each tender and selects the best one according to its criteria.



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