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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 31.08.2009
Kategória: 35/2009

Isolate or insulate? That is /ajso-lejt/ or /insju-lejt/. If you set something APART from other things, you put it somewhere separate and distant from the others, then you isolate it. So "lazy" are "isolated homesteads", and "občasné prehánky" could be "isolated (or rather intermittent) showers". Someone who catches an extremely infectious illness may well be put in an "isolation ward (room)" in hospital, to keep them alone and separate from other people.

I suppose there is an indirect sense of separating hot parts from cold (or live wires from neutral or ground) in the sense of "insulation", but the main idea is to keep something INSIDE. So a thermos flask (special bottle) uses various kinds of "insulation" to keep the contents hot (or cold). The plastic coating on electrical wires not only protects us from getting a shock, but also stops the electric current from leaking out. I should point out here that I dropped physics as a school subject when I was fourteen…



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