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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 08.08.2005
Kategória: 32/2005

Let's look at a series of words this week, starting with "tender". This has got misunderstood in Slovak, because it is used in the sense of "verejná súťaž" here, whereas in English it means "cenová ponuka" from a company trying to win a big contract for which the investors "invite tenders", i.e. the work and costing proposals from potential suppliers.

"Cause" usually appears in dictionaries first of all with the meaning of "príčina", but another important meaning is "cieľ", like "dobrá vec" in the sense of an object of charity or fight for justice, such as when someone asks you to give money "for a good cause". Finally, not a word but an expression in numbers, specifically "they lost 3:1 to Třinec", where the Slovak convention always has the home team score first, but in English it sounds better to put the higher score first and use the VERB to make it clear who the winners were, using the words "at home" or "away" to show where the match was played.

So verbs like "win" (vyhrať), "beat" (poraziť) and "lose (to)" (podľahnúť) are very important to understand in English sports commentaries.



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