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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 10.05.2004
Autor: Iveta FIALOVÁ
Kategória: 19/2004

Hymn and anthem. Once again here is a word from Latin which could mislead people who assume that it has the same meaning in its English and Slovak forms. A hymn /him/ in English is a religious song which people sing in church to praise God and reinforce their faith (visit a Methodist chapel in England or even better in Wales to hear some classic hymns).

This might be "hymnus" in Slovak - but be careful with "hymna", because this is a melody or song associated with a specific state or country and played (sometimes sung) to celebrate that country on official occasions (such as victory in world championship ice-hockey matches - not mentioning any names...), and the English expression for this is the "national anthem". There are other anthems in Britain, not only the national one, such as the song "You'll never walk alone" for Liverpool FC, and "Swing low, sweet chariot" for drunken rugby union fans in general.



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