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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 08.05.2006
Kategória: 18/2006

Level, standard and quality. This is another example of the theme of multiple translations of Slovak words into English (but also vice-versa - try to find a minimum of two Slovak translations for each English word you want to learn). The main effect of this principle is that you think THREE times when translating: first you think of the usual dictionary translation of a Slovak word (in this case "úroveň"); second (this is more difficult, but most important for a good translation) you think of ANOTHER SLOVAK sense of the word ("stupeň" or "akosť"); and the third time is when you choose the best meaning in the given context, and find the English translation for that. The English word "level" indicates the height of something on a vertical scale, like sea level, the water level in a flooding river, volume level, or management or education level. It does not usually indicate quality - that sense is expressed by "standard".



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