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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 28.08.2006
Kategória: 34/2006

Workshop. The English word "shop" originally meant the same as the Slovak "šopa", really. It meant a lean-to shed, a primitive shelter built (leaning) up against a house, where somebody could do some work, making things. That means that the original idea of a shop really was a workshop ("dielňa"), and the sense of a place for selling goods developed from the convenience of having small-scale production and sales in the same place. Then actors and artists took over the word "workshop" for their creative training sessions, followed by management consultants (giving off a whiff of inverted snobbery, as if they were pretending to be callus-handed craftsmen making useful, down-to-earth hardware). But with Metal Inspirations the circle is closed - the participants in this workshop are not only student artists, but they are also metalworkers, making interesting and quite saleable artefacts.



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