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Pridané: 13.04.2017
Kategória: 04/2017

Andy’s Wordshop

I'm sure I've written about the word “offer” before, to the effect that you need to be careful using it to translate every instance of the Slovak „ponuka”, because the basic idea in
English is that an offer is something free of charge. So typical offers are “I'll help you” or “Would you like some coffee?” Then the normal translation of „cenová ponuka“ is not “price offer” (which is lazy, literal and slavish), but “a quote” or “an estimate”. In fact “offer” can be used in connection with money, prices and payments, such as when business negotiators use expressions like “OK, make us an offer” or “Is that your best offer?!”. They are surely talking about money, so they mean „cenová ponuka“, but they don't say “price offer”. Instead of “offer” they could say “proposal”.


Tricky Words in this week‘s OVI

The tricky word in this issue is a Slovak one: prípravok. In the piece about utility models (lower-level, shorter-term patents for technical innovations), „prípravok“ is used in a similar way as „zariadenie“ in the context of a technical solution, in this specific case for opening and closing wagons. At this point I had to revise my previous understanding (translation) of „prípravok“ as “a preparation”, such as hair conditioner, cleaning fluid or even diet supplement, because in connection with wagon doors it had to be some kind of mechanical aid or device for opening and closing them safely. I decided to translate it as “special tool” in the sense of something probably smaller and more simple than „zariadenie“ which is used fo one specific purpose or application. In a less formal context I would use the word “gadget” - say /gadžit/.



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