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Pridané: 21.10.2013
Kategória: 21/2013

Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Logistics. This looks like it's derived from the old Greek word "logos" meaning an account, reason or calculation, so it should be connected with logic, a system of thinking. This makes sense in a way, because managing a supply network surely involves systematic thinking and a lot of calculations. But in fact logistics comes from the more modern French word "loge" /lóž/ meaning a place to stay the night (the English equivalent is lodge), and originally it meant the work of finding places for soldiers to stay overnight and getting food for them to eat every day. Another word for a place to stay is "quarters" (the top place is "headquarters"), so logistics was the job of a quarter-master. Nowadays the focus is on efficient organization of supplies (deliveries) rather than accommodation, and even traditional mail vans have the word logistics on their sides.

Andy's Wordshop

It happens to everyone sooner or later that someone in their family dies and it is necessary to go to their funeral. It is also necessary to tell other people what has happened, and then they should respond appropriately. The typical Slovak response to the news that someone has died is to say "(prijmite moju) úprimnú sústrasť", which is formal, or "je mi to veľmi ľúto", which is more informal. The equivalents in English are (formal): "Please accept my condolences" or just "My condolences" /knDOUlnsiz/, or "You have my sympathy" (English sympathy means "súcit"); and (informal): "I'm so sorry (to hear that)", or some people say "My heart goes out to you". It's best to memorize just one expression ("I'm so sorry" is generally appropriate), so that you can be ready for sudden situations.



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